How you can use an ecommerce Christmas landing page to create a magical online gift shop

28 November, 2016

The month before Christmas is supposed to be a time to wind down and relax into holiday mode.

But for hospitality workers, elite footballers/basketballers/cricketers, big fat men with white bushy beards, and retail pro’s – the end of the year means three terrible things.



And other people enjoying themselves while you’re slaving away at work.

At some point each December, every ecommerce store owner runs this fantasy through their head.

Still, there’s no point throwing around Bah Humbugs.

It didn’t work for old Ebenezer Scrooge, and your festive party-pooping is only going to harm your chances of maximising Christmas sales for your retail brand.

Sometimes you might feel like doing this to your silly season customers.

Many ecommerce stores seem to want to score a quick sale, make the transaction as quick as possible, then kick their customer out of their virtual door without so much as a “Happy Holiday, please visit again soon” on the way out.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I want to show you how to change your holiday season mentality from a transactional sales pitch to a truly customer-focused approach.

Why your ecommerce store needs some Christmas decorating

The spirit of Christmas is giving, and we ecommerce brands need to start channelling the big fat red guy this December.

Your online store needs to create the type of online shopping experience that gives your customers the Christmas warm and fuzzies.

Traditional brick-and-mortar retailers go to so much decorative trouble to stir those emotions of happiness, excitement and generosity for a strategic reason.

Those feelings translate into sales.

Christmas shoppers are a different breed to your non-holiday season customers.

Most of them are buying gifts.

So why don’t we ecommerce brands make the effort to create a shopping experience that meets and exceeds the gift shopper’s specific needs?

Each year throngs of excited children and their families flock to their favourite department stores to soak up the Christmas atmosphere.

It’s time you turned your online store into a must-visit holiday destination.

Christmas is your one annual opportunity to meet a huge stampede of new customers.

And there’s one really simple way to create a magical Christmas ecommerce shopping experience for your end of year gift-shopping influx…

Create a dedicated Christmas Gift Shop landing page

Make gift giving easy.

If you can create an experience designed specifically for the needs and wants of browsing gift shoppers – you’ll pump up your conversion rates and delight your new potential customers.

A specific ‘gift ideas’ landing page is all you need to make these gift giver’s shopping experience a whole lot easier.

This stuff doesn’t require millions of dollars or hundreds of tech staff. It’s just a customer-focused curation of relevant information presented in an easy-to-use library style format.

Lessons from 17 of the best ecommerce Christmas gift shop landing pages (Plus one of the absolute worst)

I want to show you exactly how some of the smartest online retailers in the business use this simple Christmas marketing tactic to maximise their return from the holiday season rush.

These guys have taken the online Christmas gift shop to the next level.

Even the big jolly red man himself would be more than impressed.

Don’t leave the Christmas extravaganzas to the bricks and mortar stores.

Create you own online gifting research resource this Christmas.

Your customers will thank you for it. With Christmas cheer. And Sales.

#1. Wayfair Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Striking contrast colour call-to-action strips are used to draw the user’s eye, making conversions a whole bunch easier.
  • Pinterest-style visual tiles are used to display each furniture theme, perfectly matching the preferred online browsing habits of their target audience.
  • Beautiful product imagery is critical for homewares retailers, and Wayfair has created in-context scenes to create a pseudo-Christmas shopping window display that any High St retailer would be happy with.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Consider the online shopping style and browsing format your target audience enjoys the most. Find the assets of your brand and accentuate them. Christmas is a delight for the sense and retailers use this to spark those festive feels. We online retailers can use smell, touch and taste, but your design can conjure up those emotions that put shoppers in the mood to buy.

#2. Neiman Marcus Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Nieman Marcus knows Christmas gift buyers shop for people with personalities. NM creates curated gift shops based on a certain style, rather than arranging products by type – allowing gift givers to browse and hunt for inspiration.
  • The landing page is clear and clean, with plenty of white space to make sure shoppers don’t feel rushed or overwhelmed.
  • However, this gift shop doesn’t have the ‘wow factor’ of many department store counterparts. This isn’t a destination page. There’s no festive season magic, no appeal to the Christmas time emotions. A little more love could have users spending more time browsing, or coming back for more.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Pull out the tinsel, rig up the lights, it’s time to decorate. Your online store needs some festive love and affection.

Whenever you walk into a grocery store, your local mall or even your favourite cafe – you’re overwhelmed with those Christmas feels. Carols, baubles, wreaths, Santas, reindeer, elves and candy canes. You can’t help but be drawn into the Christmas spirit.

It puts you in a great mood. A buying mood. The spirit of Christmas is giving, and in-store retailers go to all their decorative trouble to stir those emotions of happiness, excitement and generosity for a strategic reason. So why don’t we ecommerce brands make the same effort?

Each year throngs of excited children and their families flock to their favourite department stores to soak up the Christmas atmosphere. It’s time you turned your online store into a must-visit pre-Christmas destination.

#3. Nordstrom Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • As expected, Nordstrom is right at the top of Santa’s best-behaved list. These guys know Christmas shoppers. Nordstrom’s gift hub is a haven of clickable options, creating a virtual online lobby for gift-shoppers to return to, and cycle through, for all of their gift-giving needs.
  • Nordstrom’s filtering options make gift-giving easy. Shoppers can browse through organised miniature gift shops based on price, age, gender, product, size, style, and even weather conditions!
  • The abundance of whitespace, restrained use of colour, and crisp imagery perfectly matches Nordstrom’s luxury-leaning brand position. Shoppers with the cash and inclination to shop this store will appreciate the stylish, minimal design.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Filtering options makes gift shopping so much easier, quicker and more enjoyable for your audience. Don’t rely on your site search functionality and the navigation menu. Make things simple. Break out some simple visual tiles to allow users to easily personalise their shopping process.

#4. Walmart Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Walmart’s gift shop might seem relatively basic, but simplicity can be a conversion superpower for Christmas time retail.
  • The use of a collection of “Best Selling” product sections is interesting and effective. Gift givers are uncertain. The assurance of social proof is a powerful add-to-cart persuasion tool. A 42-year-old uncle buying a gift for his 11-year-old niece will probably need some assistance to be confident of his purchase. You can make his job so much easier if you’re able to narrow down his choice to only the most popular items.
  • The interactive toy-finder tool is another helpful way for uncertain shoppers to simply refine their browsing. Most gift givers know their budget, and most know the age and gender of their recipient. If you can collect a personalised gift page excluding any items that don’t fit these criteria, you’re making the shopper’s job so much easier.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Find a way to incorporate social proof into your Christmas shopping experience. If you don’t have a gift-giving landing page, at least include a ‘popular’, ‘best-selling’ or ‘trending’ gift products widget into your store.

Consider adding an element of urgency to spark immediate action from browsers along with your message of assurance. A ‘selling fast’ or ‘last few’ label will turbo-boost your Christmas conversions.

#5. Tesco Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Tesco’s “Christmas tips and hints” content might have been labelled with an uninspired name, but when you unwrap this concept, you find a genuine ecommerce marketing gift. Helpful, valuable blog articles allow Tesco to attract new customers (through Google searches and social media shares), convert browsers into shoppers (urge researching readers to shop Tesco’s store for the products involved in the article), and to nurture relationships with existing customers (by adding free value through email and social).
  • Tesco’s “Christmas Recipes” are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser. The holiday season is a time when shoppers are prepared and excited to research and cook more complex meals. If Tesco is there to help researching cooks with valuable content – there’s a good chance these potential customers will reward Tesco’s helpfulness with a big shopping cart full of the expensive Christmas goodies they need to create their festive culinary masterpiece.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Christmas is a time of giving, not a time of selling. Stop concentrating on your customer’s back pocket and start thinking about what they actually might like your brand to help them with. Your marketing should be something your loyal customers genuinely look forward to receiving. A ‘thanks’ in reply should be your target KPI.

This Christmas, get to work developing helpful, entertaining and inspirational content and show your subscribers how much you care.

#6. Harrods Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Harrods are the British Kings of Christmas. The luxury department store brand is synonymous with yuletide shopping in the UK. Customers travel from all around the country as part of a traditional pilgrimage to see the famed Harrods Christmas window displays. The brand’s online store is slowly catching up to become a digital Christmas destination, with their magical imagery the major drawcard.
  • I want to draw your attention to the four grey tiles at the base of the gift shop landing page. Each of these information sources adds huge value for Harrods shoppers, simplifying the experience for offline shoppers and reducing uncertainty for online shoppers.
  • Delivery information is the most neglected content in many online stores. gift givers have a deadline. If they can’t be sure of a December 24 collection – they just won’t make a purchase. Harrods offer a clear option for shoppers to click through for detailed cut-off dates for different products and regions.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Delivery deadline dates are a must-have for your online store. This is critical conversion info for uncertain online buyers.

If a gift giver can’t be sure her product will arrive in time – she won’t take the risk.

Make it clear. You’ll avoid customer service issues, reduce the time and angst spend dealing with complaints, and encourage fence-sitting browsers to commit.

#7. Victoria’s Secret Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Victoria’s Secret keep their gift shop relatively generic. As yet, there’s no obvious Christmas theme – but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The concept still achieves the same outcomes. Christmas shoppers want a simple gift-shopping experience, no different to those looking for a Birthday, Anniversary or any other special occasion gift. This page works for VS all year round – reducing the marketing team’s effort, and allowing for development with the normal financial year budget.
  • The VS “Today’s Offers” concept is easy for any online retailer to appropriate. Create you own version of the old classic – The 12 Days of Christmas. Each of the first 12 days of the month, you can offer a different special product, freebie or bundle (you still need the last 12 days before the big day to make your deliveries). Try to avoid discounts that sacrifice margin or devalue your brand. Instead, you can collaborate with another brand to lighten the promotional effort and bring in a new bunch of potential customers. This concept will skyrocket your email open rates – your subscribers have a real reason to open your message and travel to your site to see the new daily offer. Play on their FOMO and you’ll get 12 days of return visits.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Don’t be afraid to let your design and imagery do the talking. A small amount of text is necessary to appease the Google ranking robots who can’t appreciate your beautiful visuals – but Christmas shoppers want a feast for their eyes. If you’re selling aesthetically interesting stuff, let your photography shine.

#8. Kmart Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Straight up – we can’t thank Kmart enough for its focus on social good this holiday season. Charitable donations and business profits aren’t mutually exclusive anymore. Just ask TOMS, Warby Parker and Patagonia. Brands with a conscience are starting to reap the rewards of standing by what they believe in. Entrepreneur cites research suggesting more than 85 percent of millennials correlate their purchasing decisions and their willingness to recommend a brand to the social good efforts a company is making. Kmart’s decision to place their ‘Wishing Tree’ with such prominence demonstrates their genuine commitment to the cause.
  • Kmart could have taken some filtering inspiration from some of their department store contemporaries. Apart from the call-to-action to donate, Christmas shoppers only have two direct options out of this landing page – either ‘Explore All Gifts’ or ‘Shop Christmas Now’. Both are kinda vague and don’t advance the shopper much further in the purchase decision journey. While keeping the strong visuals and ample whitespace, Kmart could have offered up some more specific personalisation cues to give gift shoppers a more convenient experience.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Christmas is a time of giving, and just like your friends and family – brands can get sentimental. If your brand genuinely cares about a charitable cause, now’s the time to prove it. Leave the cold hard sales to your Ebenezer Scrooge competitors and develop a December donation campaign.

Retailers like Warby Parker and TOMS are making a genuine difference with their ‘buy one and we’ll give one to those in need’ program. Your customers will thank you for it in the long term. So will the Ghost of Christmas Past.

#9. QANTAS Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • QANTAS aren’t your typical ecommerce brand. When thinking about online stores making the most of the Christmas sales period – you weren’t even considering the airline industry. But of course, QANTAS sells a whole bunch of product online, and the holiday period is a huge opportunity to increase online sales revenue.
  • QANTAS know people are prepared to pay more for flights during December/January. No need to offer juicy deals to boost revenue. Instead of offering flight discounts, QANTAS focus on adding value for existing loyal customers – focusing on building sales through their membership program.
  • All offers on the QANTAS page reward full-price purchases. Extra membership points are offered as a reward. This fosters loyalty and keeps QANTAS customers coming back for more after the holiday season rush.
  • Whatever you do this Christmas – find a way to offer a gift card! Your online store makes this so easy. You can give gift givers their choice of format. Some may prefer a mailed voucher in a themed package. Others may wish to print out the voucher themselves. Better yet, make sure you offer an email or DIY print option, and promote this offer in the last week before Dec 25th. For shoppers who’ve left their dash all too late, a product purchase won’t be delivered in time for the big day. If you can provide the last minute gift card option, your brand can be that tardy shopper’s Christmas miracle. Within minutes, you’ve provided an eleventh-hour option that can be printed, wrapped, and tossed under the tree in time for Saint Nick’s arrival.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

The message is clear. Reward your most valuable customers for their loyalty this Christmas.

Instead of trying to lure in new one-time customers with margin-sapping deals – offer extras, freebies or rewards to your VIP’s, just as a boss gives his loyal employees a Christmas bonus to recognise their year of good faith and commitment.

Loyalty rewards or membership points give your best customers the Christmas warm and fuzzies, and prompts repeat purchases in the weeks and months following December 25 – traditionally a retail flat spot.

#10. Kogan Chritsmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Kogan is Australia’s largest pureplay online retailer, and in 2016 the electronics brand has morphed into an all-round discount department store destination. Founder Ruslan Kogan and his experienced team of digital professionals know online marketing. Unlike some of Kogan’s retail contemporaries, this brand is 100% focused on their online store’s performance.
  • The no frills, clear design must be a by-product of detailed A/B testing and data analysis. Kogan knows that clear call-to-actions, simple icons, strong visuals, and large typefaces help increase online conversions. The lack of white space doesn’t hurt Kogan – bargain buyers expect a cluttered shopping experience with as many deals and options crammed in as possible.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Considered the shopping experience that your specific target audience will expect and appreciate. Then exceed it.

Luxury brands must provide a stylish, tasteful Christmas gift shop.

Discount brands need to prioritise and accentuate value with their design.

Apparel brands might increase conversions with prominent info around sizing assurances and returns.

Homewares brands could incorporate clear delivery details to ease gift givers concerns around deadlines and organising installation.

The holiday period brings gift-shoppers. People buying for others favour a different shopping experience. Make the effort to understand their needs.

#11. Nike Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Notice how Nike get straight to the point. Minimal real estate is gobbled up by the brand, the logo, or text describing Nike’s value proposition. Why? Everyone knows this already. If you made it to Nike’s website – you came for a reason. You don’t need convincing of their brand value. You just want to get straight into your gift shopping. If your brand is a household name, you don’t need as much emphasis on quality assurances. You don’t need to explain your brand’s story. Most online stores don’t have this luxury.
  • PERSONALISATION. Hoorah! Nike is onto a winner with their ‘Show them you know them’ call-to-action. After all – isn’t that what gift giving is all about? It’s the thought that counts. A heartfelt, personal gift is the best kind. If your brand can help the shopper find and order a personalised gift, lead with that offer up front.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

When you’re searching for a gift online, things can feel a little ‘transactional’. Sometimes it feels like there’s no love. We brands focus on selling. We don’t help gift givers find the perfect present for their loved one. It’s all ‘click-click-click’, ‘buy-buy-buy’, ‘enter your details’ here, ‘sign up for discounts’ there.

The whole idea of a gift is to give something that shows how much you care for that person. If you give a thoughtful gift, you’re showing the giftee that you understand them. You’ve put some effort into personally finding and suggesting something that they’ll enjoy, something that will improve their life.

If our online store can help gift givers personalise their gift for the recipient, we have a chance to convert more sales (and build in higher margins for the premium service). When the gift’s a hit, we’ll have a chance to develop lifetime loyalty on the back of a genuine emotional connection with the gift giver and the gift-recipient.

#12. Under Armour Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • We all have that special shopper in our life that absolutely cannot even consider purchasing an item until taking four hours to walk around an entire shopping precinct to peruse every possible option. Choice can facilitate paralysis. Online retailers want action. Under Armour are doing that first round of shopping for the gift giver. No need to browse the abundance of options. UA just gives you a “Top 10 Best” list. This turns an indecisive browse into a quick, assured choice.
  • Social proof is a powerful conversion tool. Gift givers want assurance. A safe gift is a good gift. Under Armour’s use of the 10 most popular items makes it more likely gift shoppers will increase their cart size from one item to two, three or more. If you want a quick and convenient shop – and you’re convinced these 10 choices are suited – you’re likely to use Under Armour’s gift page as a one-stop shop. That’s two hours less browsing time you need to spend looking for other items across the rest of the vast wilds of the rest of the retail jungle.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Reducing choice can increase conversions for uncertain gift-shoppers.

The Gorilla’s favourite ecommerce CRO blog is Conversion XL, and author Alex Birkett explains this phenomenon perfectly:

“Generally, the more choices you have, the worse you feel after you buy. Why? Because your standards have been raised, and now all you can think about is how much better the other options may have been.”

Sometimes choice is good. Most gift shoppers would rather a convenient helping of a small number of proven options than a huge collection of siftable alternatives. Time, convenience, and assurance is the driving purchase force. Do the browsing, refining, and quality-control for your customer.

#13. Temple & Webster Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Notice the three visual cards at the base of Temple&Webster’s Christmas landing page? I did. And I’m a huge fan. These holiday themed blog articles are a simple, cost-effective lure for new potential customers. DIY crafters are firmly lodged in T&W’s target audience. For the minimal time and effort needed to produce a helpful research-based blog article – T&W can attract a whole bunch of website traffic through search, social, and even email (when content is share to existing subscribers). Once these researching crafters land of the T&W site, they won’t be able to help themselves. Of course, they’ll have a cheeky little online window shop after getting through their article.
  • T&W have put together a whole stack of elements I have already focused on in isolation to create a bumper online Christmas gift shop. There’s a bounty of beautifully stylised images with products show in context – complete with a festive design feel. There’s a bunch of simple, clear visual calls-to-action, allowing gift shoppers to filter their search by budget, product, or usage occasion. There’s a number of limited time offers, using urgency to spark full-price purchases from interested browsers. There’s an abundance of social proof to assure uncertain shoppers of the popularity of top-selling items. And last, but not least, there’s a number of helpful blog articles offered to help educate and add value to the shopping experience of those not yet ready to buy. They even have a prominent gift card option too!

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

This is an online retailer trying to create a go-to holiday season shopping destination. It’s a Christmas extravaganza. Just as you’d take a trip just to check out the festive window displays of your favourite High St department store – you’ll make an annual trip to Temple&Webster’s Christmas gift page just to have a look around their beautiful online treasure trove. Find a way to replicate T&W’s Chritsmas shopping experience for your online store, and you’ll be rewarded with an annual pilgrimage of potential lifetime customers.

#14. John Lewis Ecommerce Christmas Marketing

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • John Lewis is another traditional retail Christmas powerhouse. The challenge ahead of this UK bricks-and-mortar gargantuan is shared by the majority of leading department store brands around the globe. The titanic has started to turn. The safety of oceanic mass media advertising budgets is no longer. These waters are facing a stormy forecast. There’s a whole stack of blue sky ahead of the online retail destination – but the waters are still unchartered. Smaller, nimbler competitors are leading the way as the likes of John Lewis, Macy’s and Myer try to develop an online Christmas shopping experience that is more than just an afterthought.
  • John Lewis manages to give their online Christmas shoppers a feast of options to click through and control their browsing journey. The left-hand-side menu allows JL’s shoppers to nudge within one click of their purchase. gift givers can filter their browsing experience by product, theme, style, gender, age or interest. This menu can save shoppers minutes, or even hours worth of searching time, by narrowing down their choices.
  • JL lets the visuals do the selling. Luxury or upper tier brands need not clutter up landing pages with streams of copy. Simple, clear headers and button text complements beautifully, Christmas-themed photography. The imagery is the hero, enticing aspirational shoppers to lust for more. The minimal text makes conversion simple. The shopper knows exactly how to navigate to their destination – no confusion here.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Gift shops are normally choc full of goodies. Don’t be afraid to offer an online hamper overflowing with Christmas shopping options.

Just don’t clutter up the user’s experience by cramming buttons, images and text into your shoppers teenie little mobile phone screen.

You have an endless scroll of digital real estate at your fingertips. Keep generous amounts of whitespace in between the visual elements of your landing page, and you can still include an abundance of options for your gift-shoppers to browse and enjoy.

#15. Macy’s Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Macy’s know how important design is for online shopping conversion. Strong, bright colour, beautifully styled Christmas images and clear typefaces are used to excite users, while still offering a simple user experience. Sure – deck the online store halls, but don’t clutter the click-through avenue. You want to surprise and delight your shoppers, but you still need to make conversion clear and simple.
  • Macy’s ‘E-Gifting’ concept is an inspired offer. This gift-giving option is a little hidden at the base of the landing page. With no call-to-action button or clear header to entice users, there’s a danger Macy’s could miss out on a bunch of conversions from international shoppers who want to buy an emailable gift for foreign recipients.
  • In the last few days before the big fat man descends the chimney – Macy’s should feature and promote this offer with prominence. Shoppers who have left it all too late can still buy a thoughtful Macy’s ‘E-Gift’, print it out, stick it in an envelope, and drop it under the tree with mere minutes to spare before Christmas morning.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Emailable gifts are a huge opportunity for your brand. Gift shoppers don’t need to worry about shipping or delivery dates. This benefit cannot be underestimated. International shoppers can buy gifts for their far-flung friends and family without copping a meaty delivery charge. last minute shoppers can jump online and be assured of a gift that makes it under the tree on December 25. You need to find a way.

#16. Marks and Spencer’s Christmas Landing Page

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Much like the UK retailer John Lewis, Marks and Spencer have created a one-stop Christmas online shop for their festive browsers. The M&S approach holds a genius every ecommerce brand should appropriate. The landing page is designed to lure in shoppers browsing for gifts for others. And that’s just table stakes.
  • M&S is thinking in the mind of the gift shopper. The cornucopia of options hits the user like a spiked festive punch. First, the browser finds a killer gift shop. Then BAM – Decorations. You can buy your tree, your lights, your wreath, your candles – all right here in the one place. BAM – partywear. You can buy yourself an outfit or two for this year’s round of festive events – all right here in the one place. BAM – supplies. You can buy your wine, your chocolates, your flowers, your table decorations, and even order your food for the big day – all right here in the one place.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Promote a dedicated holiday landing page directly for gift shoppers – then meet them with a truly valuable one-stop Christmas shop.

You can turn a single item cart into an overflowing online trolley full of Christmas goodies.

Find a way to lure in people looking for gifts for others, then entice the buyer to stock up on treats, staples and gifts for themselves.

#17. Staples Christmas Landing Page (the worst one…)

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • This is our least favourite of the bunch. Staples might be getting the sack of coal come December 25th. There’s a complete absence of care-factor, and the overwhelming message shouted to holiday seasons shoppers seems to be “we don’t really take our online store that seriously”.
  • According to WWD, Staples sits 4th on the list of the best-selling US online retailers of 2015, with over $10 Billion worth of sales. That’s billion. With a ‘B’. And this is the ‘Staples Holiday Center’. For a company that makes 10,000 million US dollars a year from its online store – you would think Staples could find some couch cushion change to put towards a better online Christmas shopping experience.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Big budgets aren’t everything. If the 4th biggest online retailer in the United States serves this up, you know for sure that millions of dollars don’t equal ecommerce marketing success. Even by reading this article, you’ve already shown more initiative and care for your customers than Staples.

#18. Huckberry Christmas Landing Page (the best one…)

The Gift Shop Landing Page Tactics

  • Huckberry is one of our favourite online retailers. They are, after all, our 2015 Best Of Ecommerce Award Winner. Their 2016 Christmas landing page show you exactly why. The ecommerce revolutionaries understand the value of customer helpfulness. Their content marketing program is truly first in class, allowing them to develop strong relationships with loyal, repeat customers. Huckberry’s personalised gift-giving guide concept is so valuable for anyone wondering what to buy one of those oh-so-hard-to-buy for millennial males.
  • A sizable chunk of your Christmas shoppers visitors will be browsing aimlessly for gifts – just waiting to be struck by the ‘perfect idea’. Streamline this process. Separate out the page into different bunches of curated products collected under specific gift-recipient types. Use historical purchase data to determine the type of stuff that typical customer types would want. If you’re a menswear e-retailer like Huckberry – it’s an easy exercise.
  • Your brand might be more suited to gift idea sections like “Preppy”, “Executive”, “Surfer”, “Sporty”, “Muso” or “Chef”. Get creative and think about how gift-shoppers make their purchase decisions. If you can create an experience designed specifically for their needs and wants, you’ll pump up your conversion rates and delight your new customers.

Your Gift-Wrapped Lesson

Why not create a collection of special bundle offerings to give your gifting customers an easy choice? By sticking related products together under a given style or personality category, you make it so much easier for a gift giver than forcing them to wade through product-based filtering systems. You can increase your average order value, and encourage users to add accessories and extras to their purchase without irritating upselling techniques.

Your Neatly Wrapped Christmas Ecommerce Marketing Gift

This Christmas, we gorillas want to give you and your team the gift of ecommerce marketing knowledge. And we didn’t just want to analyse the gift shop landing pages of all the big brands.

We get it – not all of you have the cash to put a Ferrari under the tree.

But there are so many other simple and cost-effective tactics you can use to squeeze more joy out of the online shopping silly season. So we put together a downloadable guide full of these holiday marketing tips for you and your team to use in the last few weeks before the big day.
Download your package of ecommerce Christmas marketing gifts right now

It’s a practical blueprint to help you attract, convert and retain as many of your Christmas shoppers as possible.

That’s money in the bank, repeatedly – the best kind of Christmas gift for your ecommerce store.

Inside your Christmas Marketing Guide, you’ll find a bunch of little gifts full of ecommerce wisdom.

You can unwrap them all today and try out your new toys on your online store. All of our knowledge stockings are crammed full of practical ideas you can implement straight away – to help you start meeting, greeting and keeping as many new customers as possible this online shopping season.

Oh – and while we’re in the spirit of giving, make sure you subscribe to our Weekly Jungle Insider newsletter to make sure any future ecommerce marketing gifts are delivered straight to your inbox doorstep!

By James Dillon
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