Meet Frank, the Ecommerce Content Marketing Casanova (and our favourite case study)

27 November, 2014

Frank And Ecommerce“I’ve got something to say”.

This is the first thing Frank will tell you.

The internet is kinda like that. So is online marketing.

Sometimes these five words encapsulate why ineffective marketers have collectively backed up their content pickup trucks and dumped an unprecedented mountain of interruptive promotional waste on the unsuspecting internet and its users.

Everyone now has the platform to shout out their story into the cacophony of online noise.

To be heard, “I’ve got something to say” is often not enough.

“I’ve got something interesting to say” works a whole bunch better. Oh, and you need to know just who is interested in what you have to say.

Content Marketing is like finding a date in a nightclub

It’s easy if you want a short term result. Just join the mayhem and fight it out with everyone else. You might get lucky once. Chances are, it’s not going to work for you long term.

Image Courtesy Chris Gilmore

It’s hard if you want to do it right. There’s so many pretenders out there trying to be something they’re not. You need to search hard and find the right one amongst the bedlam and usher them away from the mind numbing noise for a quiet one to one. Share an online cup of tea. Learn a bit about each other. Start a relationship.

Flickr Image Courtesy Bruno

Frank has something to say. And he knows exactly who’s interested.

In fact, Frank has the temerity to announce it in ravishingly beautiful, big, bold letters. On the homepage of his blog. So if you’re interested, you’d better sit up and listen.

Frank Body's Ecommerce Content Marketing

Frank’s Content Marketing Pick Up Line

What is that something Frank’s got to say?

“Hey babe, I’m Frank.”

Okay, strong start.

“So, shall we go back to yours?”

Ooh Frank. That’s forward of you.

Frank knows his way around the block. He’s a regular content marketing Casanova.

His textbook modus operandi:

  • Frank has something to say.
  • It’s something interesting.
  • He knows exactly who’s interested.
  • He’s worked out a way to find them.
  • And he’s invited them to hang out away from the crowd.

What does he want to do with this interested party?

“Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean.”

So yeah, Frank’s not for everyone. But for those who are interested, well…

Sorry, let’s clarify.

Frank isn’t the one-time character of a hopelessly contrived blogging analogy. I’m not about to delve into a vulgar Mills&Boon-meets-online-marketing scenario with the whole ‘Get Naked. Get Dirty. Get Rough. Get Clean.’ bit. (at the same time, I’m all for showering thoroughly after a spot of naked mud wrestling).

Frank is a real fella. And he’s still on the market ladies…

I’ll let Frank introduce himself.

Content Marketing And Frank

See. I told you.

Oh, and Frank’s pick up line?

Content Marketing Pick Up Line

You see now what I was talking about – and why he’s a red hot Content Marketing Casanova.

Well played Frank, well played indeed good sir.

Turns out Frank is a coffee based exfoliating skin scrub. He’s resides in an Australian ecommerce store at Just lately, he’s been meeting a whole lot of new friends. You can see what he gets up to with these beautiful people at his Instagram profile. He has quite the cult following. Over 590,000 at last count…

I’ve had my eye on Frank for a while now. Not like that. I do like his package though.

Frank Packaging

Sorry. I’m making it worse for myself.

I’ve had my eye on Frank to work out how he does it.

I’m not ready to bare all and shower naked with him just yet. I am ready to find out how he manages to woo hundreds of thousands of customers to purchase a little brown bag full of coffee scrub.

Frank is an ecommerce pin up boy. But I reckon I’ve got his secret weapons figured out.

So grab yourself a cup of coffee and settle in while I show you how Frank does it. Oh, and if you want to know how Frank likes his coffee – he’ll tell you (Hint: he likes it sweet. And without pants).

A Frank Body Coffee Instagram Shot

Ecommerce content marketing to turn your one night stand into a juicy affair

Content Marketing is Frank’s secret.

Frank’s a smooth talker.

He knows all the right things to say at the right time.

He knows exactly what his new crush wants to hear.

He knows where they hang out and he knows what lights their fire.

Too much? He’s starting to sound like a bit of a creeper.

If you’re an ecommerce marketing pro you could do worse. If you know everything there is to know about your customers and devote your life to your subscribers, well… there’s a fine line between stalking and superb ecommerce marketing.

Frank knows his audience. He understands their lifestyle. He gets what they care about. He shows that he lives their life. He proves that he shares their values.

Frank knows people don’t care about coffee scrub before they meet him.

They do care about keeping fit

Exercise Is One Of Frank's Audience's Lifestyle Interests

They care about eating well

Frank Healthy Eating Content Marketing

And they care about looking good

Frank Healthy Body Content Marketing

These Frankophiles also care about some other things that make his friendship group a little more unique.

We’re talking fake tan, Valentine’s Day, detoxing, selfies, covering their breasts with coconuts and, of course, lickable skin.

Frank Uses Ecommerce Content About His Audience's Lifestyle

Frank’s lesson for ecommerce content marketing bachelors?

Think of each blog post as a speed date with a first time reader.

You have less than five minutes to make a good impression.

You need to sound interesting.

Don’t bang on about yourself. Talk about stuff your new reader is into.

Tease them with your charm. Make them laugh. Entertain. Make them want to come back for more.

Oh, and instead of taking their number, grab their email address. You want to keep in touch.

If they are really keen on you, they might take you back to their place straight away.

Let them proceed to cart, but don’t push it. You know it usually takes half a dozen dates to seal the deal. Stay cool. This is how Frank gives them the chance without leaving himself hanging…

Buying Product From Frank

For those with no time for euphemisms, here’s what to do.

If you want to build a loyal, passionate subscriber base with your ecommerce blog, you need to communicate first, sell second.

  • Talk about your customer’s lifestyle, not your product
  • Share your passion for the things your audience cares about
  • Build trust with your audience
  • Prove that you should be part of their crew

Only then should you explain how your product fits into their lifestyle.

Frank starts an emotional connection with his new potential conquest and his content. If you meet a potential new love, the best thing you can possibly do is not talk about yourself. Talk about your shared interest. Find some common ground. Frank knows it.

How Frank uses content marketing to ‘seal the deal’

Okay so we know that Frank uses ecommerce content to seduce new potential customers, but how does it work in practice? How does Frank turn content into online sales?

I’m onto you Frank. I know your fancy ways. I’m happy to spill the beans (coffee scrub pun: tick).

Here’s the tactics Frank uses to build a passionate community of paying fans. If you use these content marketing powers well, you’ll be attracting more customers than Ryan Gosling at a kissing booth.

Treat em’ mean like a friend, keep em’ keen

Frank picks up with a tactic that goes against all the conventional dating wisdom you’ve ever heard.

Play into the friendzone.

That’s right, make friends on the first date.

You want a long term relationship with a potential customer that keeps coming back for more? Nice guys finish first. Good things come to those who wait. Be the tortoise. I’m out of clichés. You get my vibe here.

Flickr Image Courtesy David Goehring

Make friends first. Love will blossom later. Do those things we talked about earlier. Prove you understand your audience. Talk about the things they care about. Find your common ground.

Find a way to stay in touch and you’ll make your way from friend of a friend, to buddy, to crush, to lover.

Ecommerce translation: referral, to social media follower, to subscriber, to customer, to crazed-obsessive-coffee-scrubbing-brand-evangelising-Frankophile.

Your ecommerce content marketing dating strategy starts with 4 key steps

  • Understand your customer’s lifestyle.
  • Help your audience improve this lifestyle.
  • Find the belief you share with your audience.
  • Share one consistent story about this shared belief.

Repeat. Consistently.

How do you develop your own ecommerce content marketing audience?

Frank isn’t Ryan Gosling. He’s no impossibly sculpted monument of perfection. He’s a coffee scrub. Anyone can do this. You don’t have to be the Hollywood Heartthrob of content marketing.

You just need a little direction.

Here’s how Frank did it.

First, the shared belief.

Frank believes he’s pretty phenomenal. But his potential customers don’t care about coffee scrub as soon as they meet him. They do care about looking good, staying healthy and clear skin.

Frank believes the path to clear skin should be natural, sexy and fun. So do his audience.

Frank believes clearer skin can make anyone look and feel more beautiful.

His audience care about looking and feeling their best. Simple.

Frank found some common ground.

Frank found something with real meaning to his audience.

You need to do the same.

Second, the lifestyle.

You know what core beliefs you share with your customers. That’s not quite enough to make the friendzone.

Hippies, farmers and scientists all might believe in environmental sustainability. They are still very different groups of people living very different lives.

You need to understand your target audience’s lifestyle and talk to them about their interests. For Frank, it’s all coffee, fashion, fitness and lookin’ damn fine with no pants on.

Find the stuff that gets your audience going. If you want to keep your new friends coming back for more, you need to keep talking to them about the things they’re interested in.

Get your story straight, then stick to it

Okay, so you know what your audience cares about and you’ve found some common ground.

You know what to talk about.

It’s not that easy though. When you meet your first date, you know what you want to say. You think you have everything perfectly sorted. But when it comes to the crunch, you blow it. A bit like Mikey from Swingers (yes, answering machines used to be a thing…)

Sometimes you just don’t say it right. We can’t have that.

You need to share one consistent story with your target audience. Your content should be part of an integrated program that tells your customers what you’re about, with each individual piece serving a specific purpose to edge your customer closer to purchase.

Remember Frank’s belief? It’s all clear skin, fun, sexy, natural, beauty… Frank sticks to this message. Frank isn’t trying to be all things to all people. He only wants to attract those interested in him. So he doesn’t have to change his tune.

How does ecommerce storytelling work in practice?

A content marketing mission helps. Think of yourself as a media company.

The Boston Globe, Time Magazine, Harpers Bazaar, BBC – all these publishers know exactly what they can and can’t write, say, show and broadcast. You need some editorial guidelines of your own.

Document what your content aims to do, what it’s about, and more importantly, what it’s not about. Then everyone knows where they stand.

Frank’s upfront from the start. What you see is what you get.

Here’s Frank’s content marketing mission.

Frank Mission

This makes it easier for him to deliver. You need to do the same for your brand.

Write your own ecommerce content mission. One paragraph of what you’re trying to do with your content, what benefit your offering your audience, what you talk about and what you don’t.

(It might be best not to use the word bootylicious. Unless you’re selling yoga pants, Destiny’s child albums or ironic female pirate Halloween costumes.)

Show some personality

No one likes a bore, but no one likes a pretender either.

You don’t want your content marketing to be a yawn, but if you want to bare your soul to your audience, you better make sure you’re telling the truth. You can’t trick someone into liking you. You’ve seen the movies, those swindlers always get found out.

Frank follows this classic dating wisdom: Whatever you do, don’t lie.

If you have a passionately held belief, you need to live it and breathe it.

If you’re a staunch vegan who believes that no animal should be harmed in the preparation of food, it’s not okay to just chomp down on a big old juicy cheeseburger once a month.

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. Your content needs to make it clear what you’re about. Don’t be all things to all people.

It only takes one blog post, one tweet or one product image that doesn’t quite fit in with your brand’s beliefs and your audience starts to lose their trust.

Frank lives and breathes his passion. Every part of Frank is sexy, fun, natural and beautiful. You can look through every single page of the website, every social media post, every package in their warehouse, everything is true to Frank’s beliefs, personality and lifestyle.

Get ready for a flurry of examples.

His package

16. Franks Pack

His Typeface

Typeface Frank

His Hashtags

Frank Hashtags

His FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions Of Frank

His Giftcards

Frank Giftcards

His Social Media

Social Media Content Frank

His little surprises inside your package

After Sales Service

And of course, his blog posts

Blog Post Frank

Show some personality, live your passion and share your belief in everything you do.

That’s the best way to convince someone to like you.

That’s the best way to convince someone to trust you.

That’s the best way to get past first base and seal the ecommerce deal.

Who needs the first kiss when you’ve got the ‘add-to-cart moment’.

(We reckon Frank is the undisputed expert of using images in ecommerce content marketing to communicate the personality and belief of the brand. I wrote an entire article using Frank’s examples to show you how you should do it. If you’re blogging or using social regularly, have a good read..)

How to broaden your search and play the field

It’s hard to meet lots of new friends if you don’t put yourself out there. No matter how good your game, you can’t just stand around and wait for a red hot new date. The content marketing Casanova knows how to pull in more interest.

If you want to increase your chances, you need to cast a wide net. Parties, double dates, Tinder, RSVP, speed dating, free hugs, becoming a celebrity, snagging a lucrative underwear modelling contract, working for a marketing agency (sorry, don’t know how that one slipped in there). All of these things will get you more lovin’ than just concentrating on looking your best.

Flickr Image Courtesy Jesslee Cuizon

Ecommerce is the same. It’s hard building your audience one by one. Attracting big chunks of new fans at a time speeds up your subscriber base growth.

This is where Frank gets a little crafty.

He hits up his friends to find more potential lovers.

Frank figures, if he has a similar personality to his buddies, then why wouldn’t their friends like him just as much. Frank and his pal’s are happy to introduce each other’s groups. The more the merrier. He’s a 60’s free spirit at heart, happy to share the love.

Collaborative Content is one of Frank’s secret weapons.

He finds a strategic partner with an already established audience that shares his passion and belief.

If another group is interested in staying sexy, fun, natural and beautiful, Frank wants an introduction. If any of these folks like his vibe, they’ll come on over and check him out. Chances are, they’ll think he scrubs up alright. They’ll follow him on Instagram or Facebook.

He’ll keep the conversation flowing. They check out his blog, sign up for email updates and before they know it, they’re showering naked with Frank. Cheeky boy.

How can you speed up the growth of your ecommerce content audience?

Copy Frank, just with your own influencers.

Want to see some of his magic in action?

Let’s start out with Frank’s mate Ali.

Ali has a lot of friends. She runs a blog called Creatures of Commonplace. She’s got something to say just like Frank. She talks about similar things. She’s passionate about staying sexy, fun, natural and beautiful. Her friends and Frank’s friends seem like they’ll probably get along just fine.

So Frank sees an opportunity. He wants to make a bunch of new friends. He gets together with Ali and suggests a little party time. Basically, it’s a mutual introduction. Both of them get the chance to meet a huge collection of potential customers. You see, Ali has over 30,000 Instagram followers. Frank has a few too.

Frank and Ali decide to get dirty together. Frank will share Ali with his following. Ali will tell her friends how much they will love Frank. Watch and learn.

First, Ali posts a blog about Frank to her subscriber base.

Ali 4 Frank

She shares it through email and social media. She throws up a couple of Instagram posts. It’s all sexy, fun, natural and beautiful. Frank is the star.

Ali Instagram

Content From Ali Intagram

Ali mentions Frank’s handles and throws in his hashtags. All up, 343 of her fans liked her pics. Chances are, some of these 343 decided to check Frank out. They might have headed to his Instagram feed, Googled him, or checked out his site. The diehards might have taken Frank home straight away because they have so much trust in their mate Ali’s judgement.

Frank returned the favour. He gave his 37,000 Facebook fans a shout out to his sexy new friend Ali’s blog.

Influencing Through Blog Posts

Better yet, Frank threw a post out to his biggest crew on Instagram. Ali met all Frank’s 500+ thousand like-minded beauty lovers in one coffee-strewn extravaganza.

Sharing Content With Partners

Online PR, strategic partnership communications, social media marketing, who cares what you call it, it works.

It’s Frank building an audience in chunks with cheeky ecommerce content marketing.

It’s what you should be doing.

Okay, one more magical Content Marketing Casanova moment.

Frank bumped into Karissa Purkis. She’s a fun, sexy, natural, beauty loving Canadian that found her way to Gosford, Australia (that’s only 90km from Gorilla HQ, sooo she’s pretty much a local).

They hit it off. She’s kind of a big deal. On YouTube.

She’s shares her beauty secrets with her friends. It’s called Saturday Night’s Alrite. There’s over 600,000 of them. About 390,000 Instagrammers think she’s a bit of alright. That’s a lot of people that might like Frank.

They get talking. Maybe some money is exchanged (it’s not solicitation, it’s not pimping, it’s not even bribing – it’s called ‘PR’ people).

Anyways, a couple of days later, this happens…

Karissa. Getting naked, dirty, rough and clean. With Frank. On Video. In front of over 200,000 people who’ll just want to pick up Frank and invite him back to their place straight away.

Frank and Karissa added a little social media invitation to their little rendezvous…

Youtube Influencer

As if they didn’t need convincing, Frank and Karissa got together and offered their fans a 6 month supply of free Frank Body Scrub with the coupon code ‘franksalrite’. This code allows both of them can see exactly how many of Frank’s new lovers are down to Karissa’s matchmaking. Got to measure those results people!

It looks like Frank has taught Karissa a thing or two about monetising a huge social media audience.

Start a blog he said.

Sell the things you love he said.

She did.

If you need eyelashes, Social Eyes will help.

Karissa is onto Frank. We’ve got to get you amongst this ‘build an audience with ecommerce content marketing, then sell them awesome related products’ racket.

It’s not all about you, tell them how much you love them

Frank knows how to make his lover feel good. He’s not afraid of public displays of affection. He’ll show the world how much he loves you. Cheeky Frank.

By making his crush the hero, they fall in love all over again. And they tell all their friends how breathtakingly beautiful their boy Frank is.

Frank uses his community as unpaid brand ambassadors. Every time they share a photo of Frank with them in the shower, they are sharing their love with hundreds of others. Frank isn’t even doing the work. He just sits back and watches the magic in action.

User Generated Content

For those sceptical that Frank might be too good to be true, proof awaits.

Feedback@Frank shows off some of Frank’s greatest ever exploits, all sent in from Frank’s harem of dedicated lovers.

#Frank selfies have taken off. Frank Body’s monumental social media community is the cornerstone of the ecommerce superstar’s success.

By calling for fans to post their own selfies using the coffee scrub – with a Frank Body hashtag to boot – gives the brand a snowball of exposure. We all know our customers trust their friends and peers more than us sleazy marketers.

If you’re friend likes it, chances are you will too.

The added benefit for Frank and his marketing team? The Frankophiles are doing the content creation for them. Sure, Frank’s social media profiles are also scattered with curated content about the sexy, fun, natural, beautiful lifestyle their audience lives. Slick visual graphics and promotional incentives are mixed in to encourage engagement with the Frank fans.

Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Let your brand fans work for you as a free content marketing advocate

Encourage your customers to share their story. Make them the hero.

If you can get your fans involved in your brand, the benefits are endless. Your customers turn into repeat customers – so loyal that buying a competitor’s product would feel like adultery. They feel an emotional connection to the brand.

Your social following becomes a community, not just a bunch of strangers with the same interests.

Once you’ve started building this huge social network, you need to convert the interest into dollars.

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest fans are great. But they don’t mean much to your boss if you can’t increase sales. You need to bring them back to your website for your ‘add to cart moment’.

No point going out for an endless stream of dates. You want to take that party back home. Frank’s working hard on those 590’000 Instagram fans. They’ll be showering naked together in no time.

How to get them back to your place

You don’t want a social media platform dictating your marketing.

Facebook’s ‘pay to play’ movement should have provided a wake up call. You want to have the opportunity to communicate with your customers on your terms.

Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook are in control of how many Frank fans see a post. Email gives Frank the chance to send his lovers a frequent personal reminder.

Frank’s the Content Marketing Casanova. It stands to reason he’d use these skills for the proverbial ‘let’s go back to my place’.

Enter the ecommerce blog.

How to use your ecommerce blog to build a profitable audience

Let’s go back to the start.

Remember your shared belief. It’s not all about product features and benefits.

You need to create content about your audience’s passion.

As always, Frank makes it look easy. He creates interesting, entertaining and engaging content. It’s all beauty, coffee, fashion, travel, sexiness. There’s some skin scrubbing thrown in too.

Frank’s new friends would love the content. Frank’s old friends will love the content. So he gives the social media crew a shout out to come on over to the blog. He gives his lovers the options to buy straight up.

If not, he’s not pushy. He just asks for an email address. That way he can keep reminding them what they’re missing out on.

Here’s one of Frank’s cheekier blog posts:

Frank's Cheeky Ecommerce Content Marketing

Frank’s helping his fans out with some insights on reducing cellulite.

Checklist time:

  • Fun – tick
  • Natural – tick
  • Beauty – tick
  • Sexy – ahem.
  • Shared belief – improving your skin should involve the above. Tick.
  • Interests audience – tick

Frank explains how he can help too, you just need to get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean and cellulite will all but disappear. How can you resist his charm?

If somehow you can, he doesn’t give up. He just asks for your details so he can persevere later.

Email Subscriptions For Frank

Frank’s quirky personality shines through. Every blog post pulls at the heart strings of his lovers. He’s a good writer. You feel like you know him well. Take away his package and you can still tell it’s Frank.

Your content marketing needs to stand out from your competitors.

Brand personality matters. Your content is where it lives and breathes.

Oh and remember to lure your fans back to your site.

New blog post? Email and social media are your invitations.

You’d better make sure the party’s a fun time, or your friends will stop coming back.

Frank's Facebook Content Marketing Cross Promotion

That’s Frank’s secret, wrapped up in a nice little brown package.

Here’s a recap.

Frank’s 11 step dating playbook to help you pick up using ecommerce content marketing

  1. Create great blog content
  2. Talk about your shared passions, interests and beliefs
  3. Show how your brand can help improve your customer’s lifestyle
  4. Add a little personality
  5. Don’t shout about your products
  6. Entice purchase, but don’t force it
  7. Get as many email addresses as you can for future conversations
  8. Promote to your social media following, past customers and your email subscribers
  9. Repeat – with friends who have a big audience with similar interests
  10. Repeat – with your customers creating the content
  11. Keep getting better at 1-10

Frank you cheeky charmer. You got me. It’s just so hard to resist.

I’m ready for that shower. I’ll take you back to my place. And I’ll pay you for the privilege.

By James Dillon
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