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We have had the pleasure of working with the team at Gorilla 360 for over three years. Melissa and Nathan are bonafide experts who have been instrumental in the growth of our business.
– Steven Gibbs, Golf World

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Advanced Customer Targeting

As a Facebook Ads agency our job is to help you find your ideal customers, target them with the right messages, and drive valuable conversions for your business.

Our approach is data-driven. We start all campaigns by establishing the right website tracking to accurately measure the return of your advertising. The analytics we generate help us refine your ad targeting, to make sure we find more of the right customers for less outlay.

The sheer range of interests, behaviours and demographics we can identify and target is mind-blowing. Our Gorilla online advertising specialists help you harness the intricate details of the ad management tool so you’re not letting opportunities go to waste.

Ad Creative and Copywriting

Once we’ve identified your ideal Facebook audience, we develop the content you need to attract and convert these potential customers.

You don’t have to worry about handling any aspects of the execution. We work with you to make sure we’re sending the right message, then we create, manage and optimise each element of your Facebook advertisement accordingly.

We use tools, processes and experience to continually create, test and refine your ad creative and copy for the life of the campaign to make sure you are getting the best possible results.

Analytics and Reporting

Spending money on Facebook advertising can’t be an experiment. We know how important every dollar is to your business – so we make sure we analyse your performance to within an inch of its life.

We need to know where every cent is spent, and exactly what it has achieved. One of our Facebook Ads services involves our Facebook Ads team using a combination of software tools and industry research to monitor your performance and test alternatives to achieve the best outcome for your business.

The Gorilla team will set up comprehensive tracking and reporting for all your Facebook advertising, and provide regular reporting in a brief, simple format. You won’t have to waste time decoding the jargon and stats to work out what your results mean for your business.

Looking for Facebook Ads in Sydney? Our Facebook Ads Sydney based team can get the job done. Our expert Gorilla teams in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane can cut through the piles of data and industry jargon to give you clear Facebook Ads strategies and results.

Brand Building

Facebook is a great channel for brand building. Think about how many people you know who use Facebook – probably most of your family and friends. With an estimated 15 million active users in Australia, Facebook is a huge platform for building your brand.

Facebook allows you to:

  • Increase customer loyalty
  • Showcase who you are as a brand
  • Build up customer testimonials
  • Engage with your audience
  • Showcase products and offers
  • Increase sales
  • Increase lifetime value

We use what’s known as the full funnel approach to help build brand awareness, increase consideration of a product or service and drive sales.

The full funnel approach involves:

  • Focusing on building brand awareness at the top of the funnel
  • Increasing consideration at the middle of the funnel
  • Driving sales and increasing customer loyalty at the bottom of the funnel

Facebook is one of the most effective platforms for brand building and brand awareness – it’s all about educating potential customers on who you are and why they should care about your brand.

Instagram Ads

Instagram and Facebook complement each other and help brands reach their target audience across both networks. While Instagram is great at driving conversions and suited to showcasing videos and products, Facebook is great for improving brand engagement and increasing sales.

There are two approaches to Facebook and Instagram marketing:

  1. We can easily share the same content across both platforms
  2. For a tailored approach we can showcase custom content on each platform in multiple locations, including on the feed, stories or marketplace.

As an example, Instagram and Facebook require different video styles – vertical for Instagram stories, horizontal for the Facebook feed, and square for the Instagram feed – so we would tailor video content to suit each location. Additionally, we consider which ad types – such as video, carousel or static ads – work best for each location.

The effectiveness of each platform will depend on the brand. We conduct thorough testing to establish which combination of the two works best for you. However you use them, by using both Facebook and Instagram you’re increasing your reach, improving engagement and ultimately setting yourself up for a higher return on investment for your advertising spend.

As a Facebook Ads agency we manage Instagram and Facebook campaigns for a whole range of businesses, from small local businesses to massive national and international companies and we can do the same for you.

Video Ads

Video ads are a great way to showcase your brand, demonstrate products and encourage sales.

Video is fast becoming one of the most important forms of media on Facebook and it’s not hard to see why:

  • They’re engaging – videos are one of the most engaging forms of content you can create on either Facebook or Instagram. The added storytelling element of a video makes them interactive and appealing – far more engaging than a static ad.
  • They’re highly measurable – we can measure exactly how much of a video people are watching and use that data to inform our advertising strategy. If someone watched the whole video they’re likely interested in that product or message. If the viewer switched off after a few seconds, maybe we need to review the video.
  • Videos don’t have to be expensive – even a simple iPhone video can do the trick. Of course, a professionally produced video will work well too, the main thing is to keep fresh video content flowing onto Facebook.

The length of time we’ll run a video ad for depends on its purpose. While a brand video may run for a few months, product-related, influencer, or testimonial-style videos should be swapped out monthly to avoid saturation.

The length of the video itself will depend on the type of video – for instance up to 90 seconds for a brand video and 10-30 seconds for product related videos. The video’s location will also have an impact on its length – for example Instagram stories are usually kept to 10 seconds.

As part of our Facebook Ads services we can help with video ad design, creation and promotion.

Lead Generation Campaigns

If you’re a lead generation business you’ve probably got an enquiry form on your website, or a “click to call” or “click to email” option for you customers to make enquiries. Lead generation campaigns are designed specifically to help you get more leads – so more enquiries, calls and emails.

So, how do they work?

The marketer sets up a campaign, sets an objective of “lead forms” and chooses an audience. Facebook’s algorithms then trial that audience and test out the ads to see who’s most likely to enquire. Once the learning stage is complete, Facebook’s algorithm will further optimise the audience. Facebook decides which people are likely to turn into leads and targets them with your lead generation ads which might include static ads, videos and carousels.

Lead generation campaigns on their own aren’t super effective, but when used as part of the full-funnel approach with our other Facebook Ads services, they’re powerful lead generation tools.

Product Catalogue Ads

Product catalogue ads are a money making machine.

Product catalogue ads allow you to show your products to potential customers, while they’re browsing on Facebook. Facebook uses product catalogue ads to target customers who may have already viewed your products but not bought them, or customers it thinks may be interested in your product even if they don’t know your brand yet.

Product catalogue ads can be used in several ways to increase sales. The two main ways marketers use catalogue ads are:

  1. Remarketing – this involves showcasing products a person has previously viewed on a website.
  2. Cross-selling and upselling – Facebook creates product-related ads based on a user’s previous purchase history

Catalogue ads can also be used for audience expansion. Facebook expands the audience targeting if the algorithm deems the audience is likely to fulfil the optimisation objective, for example to view content, add to cart or purchase.

Product catalogue ads typically take two forms on Facebook – either a carousel, which is a series of images, or it can turn your products into a mini video showcasing products the person may have already viewed. Catalogue ads are a powerful form of content because you don’t actually have to do any of the creative yourself, Facebook will do it for you via the product feed.

Messenger Ads

Messenger Ads are a campaign objective with the goal of getting a response in Facebook messenger.

Particularly well suited to lead generation companies, messenger ads can either be used for brand awareness or for generating enquiries. You might use a phrase like “send us a message to book an appointment” to start a Messenger interaction with a customer.

Any kind of business which uses contact forms or takes phone call or email enquiries would benefit from using Messenger ads. So, if you’re a hairdresser, physio, mechanic or plumber or any business that takes enquiries, they’ll work for you.

Messenger ads are only suitable if you’re able to respond to them promptly, usually within one business day, so make sure you’re prepared to stay active on Facebook if using messenger ads.

Local Awareness Ads

Local awareness ads are a great way to drive local traffic to your business.

Local awareness ads showcase a business’s ads to people geographically close to their location. These ads increase brand awareness, putting your brand front of mind with potential customers and making them more likely to think of your business when they need your products.

We can set up local awareness ads and choose a radius around your business address for targeting potential customers, for instance a 20 km radius of your business. Your ads will then be shown to people who live within that area or who have visited it recently.

Another local awareness tactic that works well is creating a Facebook event. It might be for a sale or special event you’re having – perhaps your physical store is doing 5% off storewide, or a two-for-one offer. You can create a Facebook event to advertise it and drive foot traffic to your store.

Another great way to improve local awareness is to create a video. Video ads are highly engaging and can be cheap and easy to make – you can even make great video content just using an iPhone. You can advertise your shop’s physical location through a video to let people know where you are and help increase foot traffic – simple, but effective.

Whether you’re in Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, Facebook Ads can foster awareness in your area and drive local traffic to your business.

Mobile Ads

Most web traffic is now on mobile, especially social media. This means when we talk about Facebook ads, we can’t ignore the importance of mobile.

Videos are an increasingly popular form of mobile ad. They’re engaging, dynamic and can be cheap and easy to make. An important consideration is sound – not everyone will watch a video with the audio on, so ensuring an equally effective experience with and without sound is key.

Square images tend to work well on mobile devices (and desktop) as they can be used for carousels and fit into a range of Facebook placements. However, certain placements will require different dimensions such as stories which work best with vertical ads

Mobile also provides extra targeting capability as we can target people by the type of the device or certain apps they’re using and even their browser.

It’s important to use creative best suited to the medium people will experience it on. With ever-increasing mobile use, mobile marketing is an essential component to any marketing strategy.

Ad Design

When it comes to Facebook Ads, creative is what really generates results. Our in house designers and video editors can create unique, effective ad content to engage your audience and get great results for your business.

How does our ad design process work?

  • We get ad creative suggestions from our Facebook Ads specialists
  • We plan ideal content for each stage of your Facebook Ads strategy.
  • We look at your website and decide what will work at the top, middle and bottom of funnel marketing stages
  • We provide campaign creation, ad copy and messaging services

Our design recommendations depend on your target audience, funnel stage, platform and placement. We don’t do cookie cutter ad design. We provide unique strategies and services for each client based on their individual needs.

In a world saturated with content it’s important to have engaging, effective ads that cut through the noise. We’ll help you capture your audience with professionally designed Facebook Ads.

Video Creation

At Gorilla we can help coordinate the entire video creation process, from planning and design to scripting and production.

We have two video creation options:

  • We create your video content in house using your existing videos or stock footage


  • We work with a third party creative agency or video company

So, what does the video creation process look like?

  • Step one: we have a strategy chat about what’s involved, what the video is about and its purpose.
  • Step two: we assess your audiences. Who are we actually going to target? Is it going to be a top of funnel, middle of funnel or bottom of funnel audience?
  • Step three: we’ll decide who’s going to create the video, whether it’s your own team or one of our video production partners.
  • Step four: once the video is created and has received your approval, we’ll implement the video onto Facebook.

Whether you use Gorilla’s expert creative crew or a third party team, we’ll coordinate the whole project. We ensure the video story is communicated well, and all the deliverables are checked off.

Social Media Strategy

At Gorilla we have a team of pay-per-click specialists, in-house graphic designers and social media specialists who can develop a social media strategy that covers all bases including Google Ads and Facebook.

Elements of our social media strategies include:

  • SWOT
  • Competitor analysis
  • Branding
  • Personas
  • Content Guidelines

Although we don’t manage organic socials, we can help with planning and strategising so that your organic social media can work in tandem with our paid strategies. Our organic social media services include:

  • Organic approach and recommendations
  • Paid approach and recommendations
  • Other opportunities
  • Action Plans

Social media changes quickly and with the vast amount of data it throws at you it can be super confusing. We’ll crush confusion and provide you with a clear social media strategy. Forget the guesswork, we’ll save you time and energy by crafting a clear, logical social media strategy that will get big results.

Facebook Business Manager Setup

It’s important for you as a client to have full access to your Business Manager account, so we arrange for all our clients to set up Business Manager themselves. Once it’s set up, we’ll then provide guidance on how to grant us admin access.

Once we’ve set up the Facebook ads account, and the Business Manager is up and running, we can help with pixel, catalogue and linking to your Facebook Page.

So, all you need to do yourself is create the Facebook Page and your Business Manager account, and Gorilla can help with the rest.

Facebook Ads Account Setup

We can set up your Facebook ads account for you.

  • Step one: you either set up a Facebook page or use your existing one
  • Step two: you’ll set up a Business Manager account (this way you keep admin access). We can guide you through this process
  • Step three: we’ll set up the Facebook ads account for you (if you already have one, we’ll simply assign ourselves admin access)

Once your Facebook ads account is set up, you’ll find it in Business Manager along with your Facebook page. If needed, we can also set up pixel and catalogue if you don’t already have them or assign ourselves admin access if you do.

Organic Facebook Page Advice

At Gorilla 360 we don’t provide organic Facebook as a service, but we do offer advice.

We can give you off-the-cuff advice here and there or, if you’re looking at something more in depth, we can provide you with an overall Facebook strategy. This will cover things such as:

  • Analysing your competitors
  • Advising you on what sort of posts to create
  • Optimising your Facebook Page
  • Creating a posting schedule

If you want to really build up your Facebook audience via ads, we highly suggest that you post organically, too. Even if it’s just once or twice a week, that’s still enough to showcase to the end user that your brand is active, and they’re not just being shown ads for the sake of it.

Bid Management

There are different bid management strategies that you can take.

Each campaign will have a set daily budget, and from there we generally have two options depending on our clients’ needs. We can either:

Set the budget at campaign level, which is basically on the overview screen of the account.


We can set the budget at ad set level, which we typically do for more sophisticated campaigns. This is suitable if you want more control over your budget and which audiences are receiving what amount of your advertising budget.

For example, if your mobile audience is driving more sales than desktop, we can spend more of the daily budget on mobile.

Dynamic Ads

Dynamic ads, or catalogue ads, are designed to swap out based on remarketing, however they can also be used for cross-selling, upselling and, in some cases, you can tick a box to allow Facebook to reach new audiences if the audience is likely to achieve the objective.

Dynamic ads showcase products which your audience or potential customers have already viewed on your website – so you know they’re interested in that product and are likely to buy it.

How do they work?

Say someone browses several products on your website but doesn’t buy them. Facebook will showcase these products to the customer as a reminder to purchase. You also have the option to offer an incentive – for example “see something you like? Take 5% off with this coupon code!” – to help close the sale. While this isn’t compulsory, we find this is highly successful at raising your sale rate.

Lead Gen Ads

Lead generation ads are used to generate inquiries to your business.

As a lead generation business, you might want potential customers to pick up the phone and call you, click an “email us” option or fill out an inquiry form on your website. Lead generation ads will help dive inquiries for your business.

There are two ways to set up lead generation ads:

You can set them up as a way to encourage people to visit your website where they can then fill out an inquiry form, click to call you, or click to email you.


You can set up an inquiry form on Facebook which allows them to enter their details and send them directly to you, essentially cutting out the step of sending them to your website. We find this approach to be highly effective.

Ad Optimisation

Ad optimisation involves testing and changing up Facebook’s ads to achieve the best possible results.

When it comes to Facebook ads the key is keeping it fresh with new creative content every month. If the same ads are left to run for months on end, your audience will become disengaged – if a potential customer sees the same creative over and over again, they’ll ignore it. The general exception is top of funnel branded ads. Since the audience is continually refreshing based on new users, the brand ads can remain the same for a few months if required.

We recommend updating your ad creative regularly to keep your audience engaged with new deals, offers, promotions and best sellers. We can also run A/B testing to work out which content works best for your business.

If you struggle to put together creative, Facebook ads may not be the best avenue for you. Remember, if you leave the same creative running for too long, you risk saturating your market which means your results will likely fall.

A/B Testing of Ads and Creative

A/B testing involves testing similar material with set variations to see which version gets the best results.

For example, to test a video, we might use the same video with three different versions of text. Everything about the video is the same except the text, so we can assess which is the most effective. We’ll let the different versions run for several weeks, then use that data to see which has achieved the best result.

A/B testing can be initially expensive as it requires more funds and time execution from a Facebook specialist, but it allows us to test the effectiveness of your content, hone it down to the most effective possible option, and ultimately achieve better results – ultimately providing higher ROI.

Placement Optimisation

Placement optimisation involves choosing where to place your Facebook ads.

Placement options such as the newsfeed, right column, instant articles, Instagram placement, Marketplace and mobile placements.

We can manually choose where your Facebook ads will show, so based on what you want to achieve we’ll place your ads in the most suitable locations.

We know what works best with placement optimisation. As a general rule, we’ll always showcase our ads within the Facebook feed, because that usually gets great results. Meanwhile there are some placements we avoid entirely – for instance instant articles ads tend to get skipped over. Whatever your goals, we provide tailored placement optimisation to suit your business.

Custom Audiences

Do you already have an existing customer base?

If you’re an eCommerce store, you probably have an email subscriber list. Say you’ve got several thousand people on a particular audience list, you can upload that audience onto Facebook as a custom audience.

From there you have two options:

You can start showcasing ads to your audience list. This can be effective as you know they’ve already either purchased from, or at least visited, your website. You can show them tailored best seller and special offer ads that are suited to their persona and know they’re highly likely to buy again.


Facebook can create lookalike audiences based on your custom audiences. As an example, if you load customer emails into a database, we can ask Facebook to create a lookalike audience based on these people. Facebook will then use its algorithms to populate a list of people with similar characteristics who are also likely to purchase from your website.

We can now show these custom audiences and lookalike audiences tailored ads based on what they’ve previously purchased or are likely to purchase.

Location Targeting

Location targeting allows you to target or exclude certain areas from seeing your Facebook ads. It has different uses depending on your business type and requirements.

Lead generation

Say, for instance, you have a Newcastle-based plumbing business, you won’t need to show your ads in Melbourne. Facebook allows you to set a radius target, for instance 10 miles (Facebook uses American measurements) from your store’s physical location.

So, Facebook will only show your ad to people within your service radius. Bear in mind a tight radius will have a smaller audience, but whatever radius you set should only include locations you are willing to service.


For ecommerce, location targeting is great for excluding areas you don’t ship to. There’s nothing more frustrating for a customer than clicking your ad, finding a product they like, entering all their details then being told the product doesn’t ship to them.

If you’re just starting out you may keep it simple with capital cities only, or a single state to keep costs down. As your business grows, your location can too. You can even expand to Europe, the US or worldwide.

Want Facebook Ads Newcastle locals will respond to? Reach more customers with targeted, engaging content tailored to your local audience. Our Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane offices can help you target your local market wherever you are.

Demographics Targeting

Essentially, when you know who’s purchasing your products you can target an audience with similar characteristics who are more likely to buy. We use Google Analytics and Facebook Insights to find out who is buying your products and use that data to inform our demographics targeting decisions.

Once you’ve collected customer data, Facebook can use it to target your ads to your particular demographic. For instance, if your products are mainly purchased by women aged 25-40, then Facebook can target your ads to that demographic.

Use demographic data to your advantage. Consider buying patterns and how you can target different demographics at different times – maybe your product is usually purchased by women, but around Valentine’s Day and Christmas you might target male shoppers looking for gifts.

Interest Based Targeting

Interest based targeting lets you create a targeted audience based on shared interests.

Say, for example, you’re selling dresses online. You’ve read your analytics data, done your research and created some customer personas. You know that your audience has a particular interest in say, Vogue magazine, shopping, going to the gym, watching TV and reading about politics. You can then create a specific audience tailored to that persona and those interests.

You can couple interest based targeting with demographics targeting to create a highly tailored audience that has the interests of your specific personas in mind, and create targeted ads that appeal to those personas.

Behaviour Targeting

Behaviour based targeting involves using behavioural data to target potential customers. Essentially, if someone has browsed your website or interacted with your ads it’s likely they are interested in your product, so Facebook targets those people.

Behaviour targeting can take into account:

  • Website visitors
  • People who’ve added to cart
  • People who’ve purchased from your website before
  • Digital activities such as online events
  • Interests such as sport and hobbies
  • Travel behaviours
  • Purchasing habits

So, Facebook can target ads to audiences based on their previous behaviour. It’s another way of targeting your products and services to people who are more likely to use them, whether those are existing or potential customers. For instance, if someone has added to cart but not purchased, you might send them a reminder, or reward a loyal customer with a 10% off code. At the end of the day, keeping existing customers is far cheaper than attracting new ones, so behaviour targeting aims to keep those existing customers as well as recruiting likely new ones.

Lookalike Audiences

Lookalike audiences are a real powerful way to increase your audience.

This involves taking your existing customer database and getting Facebook to find similar potential customers on Facebook. They might share characteristics like interests, demographics, behaviour or location. You can then create tailored ads for the people Facebook has found – ads showcasing your brand and introducing them to your products.

This approach works for eCommerce and lead generation businesses alike. The key is targeting similar clients to those who have already purchased from you and who will be likely to become future customers.

It’s important to note this technique works best if you have over 1000 people in a particular audience. The higher the audience used, the more sophisticated the lookalike audience.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, Melbourne, Victorian and Aussie businesses of all sectors and sizes can benefit from using lookalike audiences. Whether you’re a baker in Brisbane or a solicitor in Sydney we can make lookalike audiences work to your advantage.

No more confusion
New customers are waiting for you. We’ll help you connect with them using a clear Facebook Ads strategy. We crush confusion, showing you exactly where to invest to grow your business.

A Facebook Ads agency that does it all

Australia has over 15 million active Facebook users – that’s a colossal potential audience to tap into.

Facebook also has unique tools for creating tailored audiences and offers a range of advertising solutions to reach them. If you want to grow your brand, build your audience and increase sales Facebook Ads is definitely for you.

We’re not your average Facebook Ads agency

At Gorilla 360 we have the expertise to grow your business and we’re passionate about helping innovative businesses take down the big guys with the power of Facebook’s targeted promotional tools.

We can help you meet and keep the right customers at the lowest possible cost, and we’re not just interested in likes, shares and follows. It’s what’s behind the click that matters. We’ll help you develop a program that converts Facebook users into customers.

What makes us different?

  • Our focus is on clarity and simplicity. We won’t overwhelm you with jargon – we cut through the smoke and mirrors to give you a genuine understanding of what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it
  • We give you a clear roadmap of your advertising strategy. In line with our value of transparency, we explain every facet of our Facebook Ads plan and what it means for you. We never leave our clients in the dark
  • We provide regular, easy to understand reports so you can see how your Facebook Ads content is performing. We keep in touch with phone calls, meetings and reports so you stay in the loop
  • We educate and empower your team to make the most of your Facebook Ads
  • Our dedicated team of marketing experts genuinely care about our clients. We’re truly committed to growing your business and we love nothing more than seeing you succeed

Our Facebook Ads Newcastle, Sydney and Brisbane based experts can get the job done.

What do I need to know about Facebook Ads?

As a trusted Facebook Ads agency we’ve got access to all the latest advertising innovations along with many years’ worth of Facebook Ads experience — basically, we know what works. Our direct contact with Facebook means we keep our finger on the pulse of new developments and help you make the most of them.

We have the insider knowledge to make the most of Facebook’s capabilities and drive better results for you. We’ve worked with big and small companies for over 10 years, our Facebook specialists have seen it all and we can make your goals happen.

Here are a few reasons you should consider using Facebook Ads:

  • Reach a wide audience – with over 15 million active users in Australia, regardless of your industry there’s a huge chance you’ll meet more customers on Facebook
  • Targeted advertising – Facebook ads allow you to target specific audiences based on demographics, behaviour and location data. You can even use your website’s emailing lists to target your existing customers, or ones with similar traits
  • Audience creation – We help build up a clear customer profile with you so we can establish your target audience and tailor our campaigns towards them. Put simply, we put your money where it works best by targeting audiences most likely to buy your products
  • Brand building – You can interact with your audience, build a sense of community, share engaging content and cultivate customer feedback. The audience targeting capabilities of Facebook Ads mean you can tailor campaigns to highly specialised audiences and maximise your sales opportunities
  • Instagram – Whether you share content from Facebook across to Instagram or create separate content, the two platforms work hand in hand to spread your message further and reach a wider audience. It’s essentially a two-for-one

If you’d like more detail about the Facebook Ads services we provide, you can read on below.

Our Facebook Ads Newcastle, Brisbane and Sydney agencies would love to work with you. If you have any questions, or you want to talk with a Gorilla Facebook Ads specialist about your brand’s program – set up a chat right now.

Facebook Ads with Gorilla 360

When you deal with us, what you see is what you get. We are passionate about providing an honest, transparent service free from jargon and confusing waffle. We’re completely transparent in what we do, we explain everything in plain English and make sure you’re on board with our decisions every step of the way.

As a leading Facebook Ads agency, our team will maximise the return from your ad spend. You don’t need to sweat over the finer details of your Facebook campaigns. We’ll help you use the incredible targeting capabilities of the platform to find and convert new customers and re-engage existing ones.
We take care of every aspect of your Facebook ads campaigns:

  • Audience targeting – We’ll analyse your website traffic and customer base to help you target the right audience with your campaigns. Facebook has fantastic audience targeting capabilities and we use them to create brilliant results
  • Brand building – Facebook is one of the best platforms for promoting your brand. We’ll help you raise awareness and engage with your audience via Facebook Ads
  • Campaign creation – From planning to execution we take care of every aspect of campaign creation including audience choice, messaging and analytics
  • Facebook Ads account setup – We guide you through the process of setting up a Business Management account on Facebook then set up your Facebook Ads account for you, along with pixel and catalogues
  • Creative – We’ll advise you on what creative content will drive the best results including video, graphic design, infographics and copywriting
  • Optimisation – This is an overarching term which essentially means we never stop improving your marketing. We refine your audience, review your content and optimise your spending to ensure you get the most bang for your buck
  • Organic content advice – While we don’t manage organic Facebook pages, we can advise you how to best use it in conjunction with Facebook Ads. If someone clicks on your ad and goes to check out your page, they want to see fresh, up-to-date content. Facebook Ads and organic are like a toothbrush and toothpaste – they definitely work best when used together!

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. It’s a huge audience base to tap into and it provides unique opportunities for brand development, audience engagement, lead creation and sales creation. If you want to find out more about how Facebook Ads can grow your business, chat to us!

Need effective Facebook Ads, Sydney businesses? Get in touch with our team today! We have offices in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane.

Digital Marketing Strategy Session

We’ll dive into your Facebook and Instagram ads and discuss ways to boost your performance.

We can talk about your goals and dig into the details including ad creative, audience targeting, conversion tracking, landing pages and more.

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“Always happy to answer our questions and explain strategies clearly and concisely and that make total sense for our business. We highly recommend Melissa and the Gorilla360 team for any digital marketing strategies and solutions.”
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“The team at Gorilla 360 have been a refreshing pleasure to deal with. From their no BS approach and straight shooting, coupled with the clear reporting and communication, they have made what can be a bit of a minefield these days a very easy to navigate and positive experience.”
Ben Kirkham
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“I have been working with Gorilla 360 for 5+ years now and they are one of the most trustworthy, reliable digital agencies around. Their service and accountability is outstanding, and I am always happy to recommend them to fellow marketers.”
Amy Mace
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Steelspan Storage Systems
“It has taken us a while to find the right digital marketing team for our business but can’t speak highly enough of the team at Gorilla 360. The transparency of communication and reporting is what sets them apart from other agencies and in the short time we have engaged them we are already seeing impressive results.”
Jordan Leonard
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Popular Questions


We’re Neto marketing partners and Facebook ad partners.

We can provide a whole range of Facebook Ads services for Neto. We’ve worked with Neto websites for years and have a strong client base of Neto websites who we’ve helped grow from small clients up through to much larger turnover.

We’re extremely familiar with the Neto platform and are highly experienced in configuring your product feed from Neto through to Facebook. This ensures your products appear on Facebook and allows you to utilise things like dynamic product ads to drive a strong return on investment.

Facebook Ads can definitely provide a really strong return on investment. Some of the biggest and most well-known brands use Facebook Ads and they can work just as well for small businesses. Facebook Ads provide the best ROI when used at the bottom of the funnel, that is the final stage of the marketing process.

The return on investment depends on a number of factors, including:

  • Your industry
  • The types of products or services you sell
  • The size of your target market
  • The efficiency of your ads and your website at converting lookers into buyers

Facebook Ads work for any sized business, from start-ups to multinationals, and the return on investment can be excellent.

At Gorilla our mission in life is to get you the best possible ROI from your Facebook Ads and we’ve got teams of Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane and Melbourne Facebook Ads specialists and marketing experts ready to make it happen.

Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing platform, but it can be super confusing. Between piles of data and loads of analytical tools, Facebook Ads can make your head spin. Plus, to do it right you need time and headspace, both of which aren’t always available.

Using a Facebook Ads agency like Gorilla 360 means you’ve got digital marketing experts at the wheel who know how to squeeze every last bit of marketing juice out of your Facebook Ads account.

What’s it like working with Gorilla?

  • Facebook Ads specialists will manage all your Facebook Ads campaigns
  • We know which ads and creative get the best results
  • We’re all about A/B testing and refining your Facebook Ads strategies
  • We’re familiar with all of Facebook Ads’s many targeting capabilities
  • We use analytics and tracking to make sure your campaign and advertising spending is driving a strong return

In short, as a Facebook Ads agency we take the stress off your shoulders and drive big results for you. No guesswork or shots-in-the-dark, just data driven strategies that get you an optimal return on your investment.

At Gorilla we provide clear, jargon-free reports on your Facebook Ads results so you know exactly where your money’s going and how your ads are performing.

Our Facebook Ads services are a long term strategy, not a short term one. We look at the full funnel, which means we use Facebook to generate brand awareness, grow consideration and build customer loyalty, to get results.

Yes. Facebook Ads can work for almost any business type. It doesn’t matter whether you’re selling products or services, whether you’re local or national or international, Facebook ads can help you build awareness within your target market, encourage them to view your products or services, and then convert those people into buyers.

Like many marketing tools, Facebook Ads works best when used in conjunction with other forms of marketing. So, for instance, if you’re using Google Ads, SEO or email marketing and you’ve got a great website, then using Facebook Ads in conjunction with that can definitely help you accelerate your growth.

Choosing a professional Facebook Ads agency like us to take care of your campaigns means you’ll make the most of the range of Facebook Ads services available and see a great return on your advertising investment. Our Newcastle, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane Facebook Ads specialists can make Facebook Ads work for your business — get in touch today for a free audit to find out how we can help!

How much you should spend on Facebook ads depends on a number of factors, including:

  • The size of your target market
  • The types of products or services that you sell
  • If you’re targeting local, national or international
  • Your available marketing budget
  • The value and margin of your products/services

Our clients spend up to tens of thousands of dollars per month on Facebook ads, it just depends on your business and what you want to achieve. The key metric we use is ROAS or “return on advertising spend”. We work out how many dollars you want to get back for every dollar spent on advertising and go from there.

The short answer is both.

Facebook Ads and Google Ads suit different purposes and are most effective when used together.

Facebook Ads is great for educating your target market, growing brand awareness, reaching a defined target market and driving interest in your products or services.

Meanwhile, Google Ads is best for targeting customers who are ready to buy. Typically, when someone types keywords into Google they already know what they want. So, Google ads is great for capturing demand when people go in search of products and services.

Using multiple marketing and advertising streams is the best way to drive a strong return. The clients we see perform best are the ones that use multiple forms of advertising and marketing, a combination of Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email, SEO and affiliate marketing working in tandem.

Our Newcastle Facebook Ads specialists will work in tandem with our Google Ads gurus to create an integrated strategy to grow your business. Whatever your goals, we’ll collaborate with you on a clear, results-driven strategy that gets results.

Book in a time to chat with the Gorillas in Newcastle, Sydney or Brisbane.

Absolutely. We can help with creative.

Our range of Facebook Ads services includes managing and producing the all-important creative content you need for your Facebook Ads campaigns. We can help with:

  • Planning the creative for your Facebook advertising
  • Managing your content creation
  • Ad creation
  • Copywriting
  • Video creation and editing

We know what works on Facebook and can guide you through the creative process. We offer in house creative professionals and are also more than happy to work with graphic designers, video companies, or brand agencies of your choice.

Absolutely. We can provide graphic design.

We have in house graphic designers who can assist with creating amazing graphics for your ads. Whether you want static ads, carousel ads, or whatever kind of ads, we can prepare them.

Everything we do is based on what’s going to get the best result for you, and that includes graphic design. We go through a thorough briefing session, examine your data and target markets and then use that information to inform our graphic design choices. We submit all graphic design work for your approval before going live with ads – your happiness and success is our priority.

Gorilla 360 can assist with video editing for your Facebook ads.

We can use existing or stock footage for your videos or work with external video companies to record original material. We collaborate with various video creators to make your video advertising as successful as possible. We can work with partner agencies, or any agencies or providers of your choice, including your own in house design team.

Our in house video specialists will oversee the creation of effective video content for your Facebook Ads campaign. Meanwhile we’ll continue managing your advertising spend and optimising your advertising account to ensure an excellent result and great return on investment.

Yes, we are a trusted Facebook Ads agency.

As a Facebook marketing partner, we’ve worked with countless Newcastle, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane Facebook Ads clients over the years. We’re lucky to manage the advertising spend for clients local and national, large and small. We’ve managed advertising for everything from universities and banks through to plumbers, security companies and retailers.

We pride ourselves on communication and trust, so our approach is totally transparent. You own your advertising accounts and you always have access to them.

Yes, we are a Facebook marketing agency.

We can discuss your advertising account directly with Facebook. We get feedback on your accounts and advertising performance and how they can be improved.

We stay on top of the latest developments in Facebook advertising and see what other advertisers are doing through regular meetings and communication with Facebook. We involve you in these conversations so that you too can have direct communication with Facebook.

Our Facebook Ads Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane based specialists are ready to help you reach your goals! Chat to us for a clear, jargon-free roadmap to success.


We have lots of experience running Facebook Ads for Shopify websites. We can provide a range of Facebook Ads services for Shopify. We’re experienced in establishing tracking for Shopify websites and setting up the product feed from your website through to Facebook to get your Facebook catalogue live.

We’re specialists in ecommerce and have been working in the ecommerce marketing space for over 10 years. As Facebook partners and Shopify marketing partners, we’ve been recognised by both platforms for our experience and expertise – this puts us in a strong position to drive results for our clients.


We’re Neto marketing partners and Facebook ad partners.

We can provide a whole range of Facebook Ads services for Neto. We’ve worked with Neto websites for years and have a strong client base of Neto websites who we’ve helped grow from small clients up through to much larger turnover.

We’re extremely familiar with the Neto platform and are highly experienced in configuring your product feed from Neto through to Facebook. This ensures your products appear on Facebook and allows you to utilise things like dynamic product ads to drive a strong return on investment.

There are plenty of reasons to choose Gorilla, but the big one for us is that we are all about clarity. We keep things transparent and focus on driving results for your business.

At Gorilla 360:

  • We eliminate confusion and focus on results
  • We don’t bamboozle you with jargon, provide confusing reports or talk in circles
  • We make it as easy as possible for you to grow your business
  • We are Facebook Ads Partners
  • We have over 10 years’ experience
  • We’ve worked with a wide range of industries
  • We are ecommerce experts We’ll never serve up any marketing waffle or BS — just straight-talking honest-to-goodness plans, reports and results

At the end of the day, we’re all about driving results. Our focus is totally on cutting out the noise, cutting out any confusion and driving results for your business. We’ve helped online stores scale from no sales through to hundreds of thousands per month. We’re a dedicated team and we’ve always grown on the back of honesty and transparency.

Our Facebook Ads Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane agencies are all brimful of Facebook Ads specialists ready to cut through the smoke and mirrors and grow your business with clear communication and a clear roadmap to success.


Facebook Ads is an excellent platform for growing your brand. With an estimated 15 million active users in Australia alone, Facebook is a huge marketplace to tap into.

We use a funnel approach to engage solely with people who really want to see your ads. So, at the top of the funnel, we’ll build awareness and introduce your brand to potential customers. As those customers interact with your ads, watch your videos or click on your ads, they’ll move down our advertising funnel.

As they move down, they’ll see more sales and education focused ads which encourage them to look at buying your products or services. As they see more ads from you and get gentle touch points and reminders about who you are, potential customers become more likely to buy.

The beauty of Facebook is it allows this process to be executed on scale. If your target audience is tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions, you can utilise Facebook to build your brand with that target audience.

When it comes to Facebook Ads, Melbourne businesses of all sectors, scopes, shapes and sizes can reach their ideal audience using Facebook. Facebook Ads is a measurable, data-driven vehicle for building brand awareness and it gets brilliant results.

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