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Gorilla 360 are always willing to work with you on what works best for your business and teach you along the way, so you can assist with ongoing works whilst they focus on the bigger picture allowing us to achieve more in time and budget.
– Vanessa Mcnicol-Wood

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Learn how to boost your sales and improve your online presence with your free digital marketing strategy session. We’ll look at your website, Google rankings, social advertising activities (like Meta and LinkedIn) and more, and discuss opportunities to grow your revenue.

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Organic social media strategy

Maintaining a social media presence is tough and time-consuming and understandably gets pushed to the back burner by time-poor business owners. The best way to stay on-track with your social presence is to make a plan – and that’s where we can help! Our content strategists can create a clear plan to help you maintain a valuable organic social media presence that connects you with your customers without becoming a massive drain on your time.

Paid social strategy

As a full-service digital marketing agency, we also offer paid social strategy and management services including Meta Advertising. Combining your organic social strategy with your paid will help create a cohesive flow and consistent messaging from paid to organic. We’ll help you craft an organic social strategy that gels with your paid social efforts and creates more momentum.

We’ll keep your business objectives front and centre and develop a paid social strategy that drives more of your ideal customers to your website and builds trust with your target audience.

Creative strategy

What makes your target audience tick? How can you meet their needs and add value to their lives? Social media is a great way to make meaningful connections with your target audience and build greater brand awareness, trust and recognition. Our creative team will prepare a creative strategy that drives real results – and we’ll back it up with ongoing optimisations, building data-driven momentum for your social media campaign and beyond.

We’ll plan captivating content that resonates with your audience. Our creative content strategy team will help you plan video content that helps you reach your target audience, gather new customers and reach your social media goals.

Content calendars

You know you need to post on social media but you just don’t know what to post – this is where a content calendar can help! Our specialists can map out social media content for you months in advance and help you get your ducks in a row. You’ll save time, energy and resources by not having to think about new content on the fly.


We can help you bolster your presence on Instagram and Facebook with Meta Advertising. Organic social media management and paid social media work best when they work together, and our highly experienced Meta specialists will send qualified traffic to your website. As an award-winning Meta Partner agency, we’re proud to offer some of the best social media marketing services in Australia.


LinkedIn is a goldmine for B2B businesses, and our LinkedIn experts can help you tap into your ideal audience via impactful LinkedIn content. Posting on LinkedIn organically can also help with recruitment when prospective employees start checking you out!


Lifestyle products, fashion retailers and many others have seen immense success on Pinterest. It’s where your customers come to get inspired, making it the perfect place for you to showcase your products, build trust and grow brand recognition.


Our marketing experts can provide strategic recommendations, content recommendations, targeting advice and more for your organic TikTok content.

Graphic Design

Maintaining a consistent brand presence on your organic social media will create a cohesive online experience and help grow your brand recognition – enter our Graphic Designers! Our design team have worked extensively in online advertising and organic social media and can help you weave your brand into your organic social media for consistent, clear and effective branding.

Social media campaigns

Our team can help you plan, execute and manage social media campaigns. Our content team can help you develop scroll-stopping campaigns that will help drive up followers, increase engagement and, of course, send your sales soaring.

Social media management

Want us to do the lot? We offer full-service social media marketing services from planning, creating and posting content to executing campaigns, boosting your brand presence and more.


If you’re taking the time and effort to create valuable blogs you need to make sure your audience can see them! Our team offers expert blog writing services on everything from rugs and ugg boots to construction and quality management. We can create effective social media assets to accompany your blogs and help you share their brilliance with the world.

Popular Questions

Short answer: yes. Regardless of your industry, there are benefits to be had from maintaining an organic social media presence.

One of the first things potential customers will do after seeing a paid ad from you is check out your organic socials to check if you’re legit. If your Instagram feed consists entirely of a selfie from three years ago and a picture of your lunch, it won’t inspire much trust in your brand. Your organic presence is your chance to prove that you’re a real business run by real people.

Social media marketing companies help businesses with their social media marketing. This could involve planning, creating and executing a social media campaign or providing ongoing marketing. Social media agencies offer a range of services from social media strategies to campaign management, influencer marketing, graphic design, blog writing and more. They offer professional social media management, which can look different for different clients. Social media marketing companies typically offer services for popular social media platforms like Tik Tok, Meta (Facebook and Instagram), Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn.

As a general rule, if you’re doing paid ads on a social media platform, you should be posting organic content on that same platform, too.

  • Meta is best for building brand awareness and connecting with customers. Facebook’s usership is geared towards the older “boomer” demographic, while Instagram is more favoured by millennials.
  • LinkedIn is best for B2B marketing and, as a bonus, for helping with recruitment.
  • TikTok is great for businesses with the time and resources to create trending videos.
  • Pinterest is best for brands with visually-appealing products and services like lifestyle brands, fashion, kids products etc.

As a business owner, you should be posting 1-3 times a week as a minimum. Unless you’re an influencer or a content producer, there’s not a lot of value in posting 3 times a day. The most important thing is to post consistently and share high-quality content that resonates with your audience and helps people connect with your brand.

This is one of the most common roadblocks faced by business owners – you know you should post more often on social media, but you just don’t have the time. One of the best ways to post on social media more frequently is to:

  • Have a plan – map out content in advance and make a note of important dates for your company
  • Have a designated social media person – running a social media account is a great task for junior staff members
  • Keep it simple – your posts don’t always have to be polished, professionally produced works of art, in fact, it often works best when they’re not! Posting a simple photo of a team social event or an iPhone video of a product can be just as effective as a time-consuming video
  • Get help from a social media agency – social media agencies can take on the mental load of your social media posting and help steer you in the right direction

Believe it or not, negative comments represent a great opportunity to build trust with your audience. You can respond in a good-humoured, kind and responsive way that shows people you truly care – remember, it won’t just be the original commenter who reads your response, but potentially hundreds or thousands of other users.

When responding to a negative comment, you should acknowledge the inconvenience or pain caused to the user, address their concerns, assure them of how you’re going to fix or address the issue in future and finish with a pleasant sign-off.

Our social media strategy team will help you grow your presence across your chosen social media marketing channels. We’ll help with marketing campaign planning, creative strategy, graphic design, branding, messaging and more. We’re ecommerce and lead generation experts and will provide clear communication and thorough reporting on your results.

  • A clear plan for success – our specialists will bring clarity to your social media and prepare a clear plan to grow your online presence.
  • Award-winning results – we’ve been recognised as one of the top marketing agencies in Australia.
  • Certified experts – As a certified Meta Business Partner agency we’re able to provide valuable insights and expert strategies for your business.

Full-service social media marketing agency – We offer a full range of paid and organic social media services along with SEO, Google Ads and marketing strategy services.

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