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Gorilla 360 have helped my business Dawn Clocks immensely. I highly recommend any business large or small who is looking to succeed online to engage them. Thanks guys

Emily Andoni

Dawn Clocks (Shopify client)

We helped powerlifting brand City Strength smash their goals through our cross channel digital marketing approach, achieving phenomenal return on advertising spend and a massive increase in online visibility.

How we get results


We’ll get to know your business and your customers, develop key messaging and deliver a data-driven strategy that connects you with your ideal audience.

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We’ll use art and science, creative thinking and laser-focused targeting to deliver real results and help you reach your goals.

We don’t set and forget. Our hard-working specialists will continually revisit, revamp and revitalise your strategy to get the best possible outcome.

Our Services

We’ve got everything covered.

Google Ads

At Gorilla we’re not only a Shopify partner agency, we’re also a certified Google Partner agency. What does that mean for you? It means you’re working with a digital marketing agency that the biggest digital advertising player itself, Google, has given the big tick of approval. It also means our Shopify Google Ads specialists are highly trained in all things Google and that they receive advance access to Google’s beta features, new innovations and best practice info, along with a direct line to Google. We get everything from the horse’s mouth, and that means the best possible Google Ads results for you.

We offer our Shopify clients a full range of Google Ads services including search advertising, display advertising, Google Shopping, remarketing and more — plus, we back it all up with expert tracking, analytics and reporting so you’ll be able to see exactly what we’re doing and why. We’ve been delivering amazing Google Ads results for our Shopify clients since back in 2010 and we’ve got Shopify Google Ads down to a fine art. No matter the size, scope or sector of your business, as a Shopify agency we can help you take your sales through the roof with Google Ads.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is nothing short of a money-making machine for ecommerce businesses. We’ve helped countless Shopify clients boost their sales with this money-spinning marvel, handling everything from setting up their Merchant Centre account and configuring their Shopify account to integrating their product feeds with Google. Plus, once everything is in place we use advanced analytics to assess and optimise your Google Shopping performance.

By the time someone is searching for something on Google, they’re either in the research phase or ready to make a purchase — that’s what makes Google Shopping so brilliant. It gets appealing, detailed descriptions of your stock in front of customers actively searching for your products. We’ll optimise your product feed to make sure your products are showing up in all the right places — our Shopify Google Ads specialists know how to keep Google happy!

As an ecommerce store, if you’re not using Google Shopping you’re missing out. As a certified Shopify partner agency and Google Ads agency we’ll show you how to make the most out of this sales-driving juggernaut.

Facebook Ads

If brand building is on your to-do list, you’ve got to know about Facebook Ads for Shopify. When it comes to Shopify Facebook Ads provides one of the most powerful, measurable methods of brand building in the digital marketing world. It lets us identify your ideal target audience then share your brand story with them in a progressive way that takes people from unaware of your brand to ready to buy your products.

How do we do it? We use the full funnel approach — filtering audiences through a series of ads that educate them on your brand and your products. Once people reach the final stage, the bottom of the funnel, we start to see some incredible returns on your advertising investment. The reality is, people need to trust your brand and feel like they know you before they feel ready to buy. That’s what Facebook’s brand building process is all about. Taking potential customers from complete strangers to super familiar with your brand. Plus, we can use Shopify Facebook Ads to increase brand loyalty and get customers coming back for more.

As an expert Shopify agency, our Shopify Facebook Ads specialists know Shopify inside and out, and they can configure your product feed through to Facebook and get customers streaming to your website, no trouble at all.


Search engine optimisation, aka SEO, is the mysterious art of getting Google to love your website — it’s what gets your website towards the top of search results and brings up your products when customers search for them. It doesn’t happen by accident, SEO is a strategic, complex process that needs expert planning and execution — and that’s where our experts come in. Our dedicated Shopify SEO specialists have helped countless Shopify clients make friends with Google and get their products in front of all the right customers.

There are dozens of ways to boost your SEO, and as a Shopify agency, we know which ones work best for Shopify websites. Some of our favourites include on-site optimisation, click-through rate optimisation and link building. Our Shopify SEO specialists will decide which techniques will get you quick wins and long term gains and create a detailed roadmap to make it happen. Keen to learn more about Shopify SEO? We can provide bespoke training for your team so you can double our Shopify SEO efforts and get results even faster!

Some SEO agencies like to use smoke and mirrors to make their SEO services seem more grand and flash than they are — but that’s not how we roll at Gorilla. We’ll explain everything to you in clear terms and share what we’re doing, and why, at every step of the way.


Every single piece of writing on your website has two functions. One, it provides information for your customers. And two, it helps boost your SEO (or search engine optimisation). This means that you need to populate your Shopify website with copy that ticks both those boxes. Everything from product descriptions to page titles, meta descriptions, FAQs, blogs shipping policies, collections pages, ads, emails, they all represent opportunities for you to get big wins for your business. How? Well, we’ll show you!

As an expert Shopify agency, our in-house copywriters will work in tandem with our SEO experts to create compelling copy that converts lookers into buyers and makes your online presence sing. We can create a blog plan and write valuable, sales and SEO driving blogs for you — or we can provide you with detailed instructions on how to write them yourself. We’ve written about everything from exercise gear to premium booze for our Shopify clients — and we can do the same for you.


Want people to remember your brand even after they’ve left your website? Say hello to remarketing. This is one of our favourite ways to boost sales, and it really works. You’ve probably heard that it’s much easier to keep an existing customer than create a new one? Remarketing works on that same principle, targeting warm audiences who are already aware of your business and just need that little extra nudge to make the sale. We use remarketing both in Facebook and Google advertising and with email marketing.

So, how does it work? Say a customer browses your website and adds a few items to their cart but then doesn’t complete the checkout process. We can target that customer with ads that remind them about the products they were looking at and prompt them to complete the purchase. Or, we can send them a quick email reminding them that their shopping cart is still waiting for them.

Remarketing is incredibly effective and gets some of the best return on investment of any digital marketing strategy.

Link Building

Link building is one of the most complex, time-consuming elements of SEO — and it’s also one of the most powerful. As an expert Shopify agency, our in-house SEO specialists have a bunch of tricks up their sleeves they can use to get high-quality links for your Shopify website and help push your up Google’s search results. How does it work? We can use both link attraction and link building. Link attraction involves turning your website into a hub of authoritative, valuable information that other websites will want to use as a resource — this affects links from websites, publishers and blogs. We can also build like by reaching out to high-quality websites and getting them to link to your website.

If a Shopify agency ever promises you super-fast link building services, turn and run — the only way to do this quickly is to do it dodgily, and that’s not how we roll at Gorilla. Our SEO specialists will create a tailored backlink plan for your Shopify website that collects high-quality backlinks in a sustainable, future-proof way that gets real, lasting results.


Think blogs are only there for entertainment? Think again. Blogs can generate real marketing and SEO juice for your website for months or even years, driving up your website rankings, providing social media post fuel, increasing your conversion rates, boosting your sales and establishing you as an authority in your niche. Not bad for one little blog, eh?

Our SEO trained copywriting experts can craft a detailed blog plan for your business, collating a schedule of blog topics they know your customer base is interested in. They’ll back it up with keyword research that will help drive traffic to your blog (and your website!) and provide instructions on how to create high quality, SEO friendly blogs. Don’t fancy yourself a wordsmith? Our in-house copywriters can do it all for you! Our writers have written about everything from skateboards to UGG boots for our Shopify clients, and they can write about your sector, too.

Once your blogs go live our work is just beginning. We’ll set up tracking and analytics to measure the amount of traffic your blogs are driving for your website.

Digital Strategy

A clear plan equals faster growth. When you choose Gorilla as your Shopify agency we’ll work with you to craft a tailored step-by-step plan for business growth. Every decision we make is 100% data-based. Many businesses struggle with digital marketing because they don’t have a clear plan, and the truth is that ad hoc marketing can only get you so far. Unlike other Shopify agencies, we make clarity a priority — that means no waffle, no jargon, just a clear, actionable plan for your success.

So, what goes into creating a digital strategy? Audience data is at the core of crafting your digital marketing strategy. We use detailed industry insights and customer data to define your audience, discover the best channels for reaching them and come up with a plan to make it happen. We analyse each stage of the customer journey, working out what makes your audience happy and what makes them turn away, what drives their purchasing decisions and what prevents them from clicking “add to cart”.

If you’re after a certified Shopify partner agency that knows how to get real results, we’re the Shopify agency for you.

Google Analytics

When you’re making decisions based on data you need to have 100% confidence in that information. Confidence comes from clarity, and at Gorilla “clarity” is our middle name. We know Google Analytics like the back of our hand and our Shopify Google Ads experts specialise in interpreting all the data it provides and turning it into clear, actionable solutions for your business.

Data-driven marketing gets better results, and every decision we make will be based on the insights we gain from Google Analytics and other information sources. From a detailed analytics audit to implementation, Google Tag Manager set up, developer recommendations, custom reporting, actionable insights and expert training for your team, our Shopify Google Ads experts can do the lot.

As a specialist Shopify agency we’ll show you how to interpret the mounds of data Google Analytics churns out and explain how it relates to your Shopify website — then we’ll turn that data into actionable insights that get real results for your Shopify business.


Getting customers onto your website is all well and good, but the real wins come from turning those visitors into buyers. Conversion rate optimisation, or CRO, is the process of maximising the number of website visitors who end up purchasing your products. How do we do it? We use advanced customer experience tracking, testing and analytics to work out why customers and turning away from your website — then, our CRO experts figure out how to fix those problems.

CRO is something of an art form and can include anything from updating your Shopify website content to creating new landing pages and optimising your checkout process. It’s essentially the process of mapping out your customer journey step by step then removing all the roadblocks to make the process as smooth as possible.

If you’re after a Shopify partner agency that knows CRO inside and out, we’re the Shopify agency for you! We’ve been nailing CRO for Shopify clients since 2010, and we can help you too.

Growth through clarity

Growing your ecommerce store can be tough. We’ve shown Shopify businesses like 50-50 Skate Shop and Ugg Express exactly how to grow their store, and we can do the same for you.

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