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I literally have no idea how we could have launched a high end Global Brand Website without their help! They know SO MUCH and have taught us a lot about our online business. Total experts and an absolute pleasure to deal with on an ongoing basis – I’m literally telling everyone I can about them. Hire them!
– Dara Donnelly, Simone Perele

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Site structure

Choosing the right site structure for international SEO is critical. There are a variety of options to consider including CCTLDs, subdomains, and subdirectories. Each configuration has its own pros and cons. Ultimately you should choose the option that helps maximise visibility but also works practically for your business operations, team structure, and available resources.

Technical setup for country and language

The technical configuration of your website has a huge impact on how search engines understand your country and language targeting. This includes the proper arrangement of hreflang tags, meta content language tags, schema markup, and much more. Sounds technical, right? That’s where our specialists step in. We ensure each subsection of your website is configured precisely to maximise your organic visibility. All the fussy, finickity stuff – covered.

Translation services

Delivering meaningful content to your audience in every country can be challenging and very time consuming. We have access to expert copywriters who work in a number of languages – from Mandarin and Japanese to French and Spanish. This means we’re able to develop your overall website and content plan or simply translate and proof your content before it’s launched in a new country. We also work alongside experienced translators and proofreaders (in multiple languages) to ensure your content resonates perfectly with your target market.

Detailed research

Even if you’ve got your local keywords nailed (nice work, by the way), the same relevance might not exist internationally. It’s critical to complete detailed market and keyword research to guide your international SEO efforts. We use industry-leading tools, local insight, and language specialists to ensure we get to know your target market inside out.

Multiple search engines

Google may be the dominant search engine in Australia but for much of the world, it isn’t. We can help optimise your visibility across any of the leading search engines, such as Baidu, Yandex, Bing or Naver. We have access to experienced specialists who understand the intricacies of each program, so you can feel confident in making your move internationally.

Project and stakeholder management experience

Managing your website and SEO across multiple countries and languages can be extremely complex. Often, you’re dealing with large websites that bring huge content requirements. You’re also managing multiple stakeholders (designers, developers, UX, product managers, and more) who have competing priorities and approval processes. Sound like a headache? Fortunately, our account and project managers are here to help you navigate the complexity whilst delivering the results you need – on budget and on time.

Localised link building

Backlink building is a mammoth task in itself. Add new markets into the mix and you’ve got yourself a serious mountain to climb. We can help grow your backlink profile in new markets using strong inbound links and business citations to build authority and visibility. Our team can develop a bespoke strategy to attract new links using content, or even implement an outreach program to accelerate backlink growth. We can also analyse your competitors to better understand how they’re achieving high rankings (everyone likes that part!).

Training for your team

Developing the right internal processes is a vital part of achieving international SEO success. We can deliver customised training sessions for your team to achieve just that, as well as educating them on the nuances of international SEO. Whether it’s technical SEO, content development, link building or a combination of it all, our experienced team has delivered SEO training to some of Australia’s largest brands – we’d love to help you too.

Single country SEO is challenging enough but when you add multiple countries and languages into the mix, the process takes on a whole new level of complexity.

Single country SEO is challenging enough but when you add multiple countries and languages into the mix, the process takes on a whole new level of complexity. If you’re looking to enhance your organic visibility in a variety of countries and/or languages, then you’ll need expert help from an agency that specialises in international SEO (hint: this is our jam!).

Whatever you’re taking on, Gorilla can help

Perhaps you’re expanding your business into China or India. In that case, you’ll need an agency to develop a targeted content and SEO strategy that speaks directly to your new audience. Even if you’re simply extending your operations into other English-speaking countries like the US, UK or New Zealand, the success of that move will still depend on making some strategic adjustments.

When expanding overseas you’ll need to accommodate:

  • Cultural conventions
  • Tone and style preferences
  • Physical location differences
  • Language considerations

At Gorilla we take on all these factors and more to ensure your overseas expansion is smooth and successful.

International SEO with Gorilla

We’ve expertly guided some of Australia’s largest companies on their adventures into international expansion, and we can help you too – from designing the right SEO strategy for entering each target location, to building keyword-optimised content and growing your domain strength, we’ll explain everything in clear terms and show you how to grow your international business.

Extending your reach and cultivating your international customer base is the aim of the game. We’ll be on hand to help you handle complex websites and content requirements, as well as tactfully managing stakeholders to keep everyone on the same results-focused page. Whether you’re looking to extend your brand into Asia, Europe, the Americas or beyond, team Gorilla will ensure search engines get your message, loud and clear.

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