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World-class Google Ads service, delivered by local experts. Our award-winning Google Ads team has once again earned Google Premier Partner status – which puts us in the top 3% of Google Ads Agencies in Australia. What does that mean for you? Exclusive access to product betas, dedicated account support direct from Google, consumer insights and more.

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Understand your strategy, performance, and results with clear, straightforward reporting. Watch as campaigns are continuously optimised using detailed analytics to drive even better results. 

Results Driven

We ensure your ads attract clicks and your landing page converts effectively. Partner with Australia’s top Google Ads agency for bottom-line results, outshining competitors with our integrated approach.

Free Strategy Session

We’ll dive into your Google Ads account and identify the most important improvements you need to make to boost your ad performance. One of our Google Ads specialists will analyse your ads, keyword targeting, ad copy, designs, conversion tracking, landing pages and more and map out what’s working and what’s not.

Our Services

We’ve got everything covered.

Search advertising

Want to increase traffic to both your online and physical store? Drive highly targeted potential customers to your business with Google Search Ads.

Also known as search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC), you’ll pay a fee for every click to your website, meaning you only pay when your ads are successful — win-win! We manage the full process for you including extensive keyphrase research, competitor analysis, ad copywriting, ongoing management, testing and reporting.

Our approach to search advertising is a little different. We’re data-driven, thorough and 100% transparent. As a certified Google Ads agency we manage Google Ads for companies big and small.

Get in touch for an obligation-free strategy discussion.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping puts your products in front of the right customers.

As an ecommerce retailer, images of your products can be displayed at the top of Google search results using Google Shopping. These ads can also feature on Gmail, Youtube and across the Google Display Network, giving you endless opportunities to target likely potential customers.

We’ve helped clients of all sizes drive big returns from Google Shopping, and we can help you too.

Some Google Shopping features include:

  • Product pricing (meaning you don’t waste clicks on ‘bargain hunters’)
  • The ability to target shoppers all over the Google network
  • Tailored bidding strategies such as CPA, ROAS and Maximise Sales

As a certified Google Ads agency, we can help you with the entire Google Shopping setup and management process including integration with your CMS/product feed, ongoing management, bidding, testing and reporting.

Learn more about our Google Shopping Services.


Here at Gorilla, we’re big fans of remarketing. Any Newcastle Google Ads agency worth its salt will recommend using remarketing ads. They’re nothing short of a money-making machine as they target warm audiences we know are interested in your products, which makes them more likely to buy than a cold audience.

Remarketing is an inexpensive way to entice customers back to your website and, most importantly, increase your sales. Remarketing works by placing a cookie in your customer’s browser window, meaning we can show them your ads as they continue to browse the web.

Remarketing ads are typically part of the middle of funnel and bottom of funnel advertising stage, that is, customers who are aware of your brand and have either purchased or shown interest in your products (and who are more likely to buy!). We manage the full process, including design, and help you with Google Ads, Analytics, dynamic (product) remarketing and standard remarketing.

Learn more about our Google remarketing services.

Google Display Network

Want to build brand awareness with your unique target market? Display advertising can help you widen the top of your sales funnel with highly targeted ad placements.

The Google Display Network (GDN) contains over 2 million partner websites and allows you to target your ads to potential customers based on demographics, interests, website context and keywords, meaning your ads will be seen by people who are more likely to buy your products.

We can help you promote sales events and product launches or simply grow brand awareness. Our Google Ads services include ongoing testing and refinement of which placements and ad designs are performing best.

Monthly management

With online advertising, the devil is in the detail — and our data crunchers love detail. We manage campaigns for everyone from small businesses to some of Australia’s largest brands – and we can help you too.

As a certified Google Ads agency we manage your Google Ads on a monthly basis, providing campaign and budget optimisation, effective keyword and ad management (read about both below), monthly reporting and regular personalised updates.

With offices in Newcastle, Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne we help clients all across Australia smash their sales goals using Google Ads.

Our services are 100% transparent, that means:

  • You own the ad account and all the data
  • We don’t take a cut of your spend
  • All our services are flat fee management

PPC health checks

If you don’t require monthly management, we also provide a quarterly review service. This could suit you if you have an in-house PPC specialist or, on the other hand, a very small advertising spend.

For in-house specialists, we provide a confidential second opinion on an itemised report of recommendations for refining campaigns. For small clients, our service includes all items in the “Monthly PPC management” service above but performed on a quarterly basis.

This service is popular with our Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane Google Ads clients who are on a limited budget or whose in-house specialists need a periodic professional audit.

Keyword management

Ongoing keyword management is critical for a high performing PPC campaign. Core to this is the management and optimisation of your keyword bids to drive your budget further and maximise ROI.

We continually research additional keywords for your campaign to find new growth opportunities and attract more customers. In addition, ongoing expansion of your negative keyword list helps prevent spending money on irrelevant searches.

Need better Google Ads results? We’re the Google Ads agency Sydney businesses can rely on to bring clarity, expertise and big results to their business. Get in touch today to find out more.

Ad management

Google Ads success requires effective ad management.

As a full-service Google Ads agency we take care of every aspect of your Google Ads ad management, from ad design and creation, to testing, analysis and ongoing improvement.

We provide expert copywriting and design services to prepare ads that match your brand, communicate key messages and drive results. Using ad extensions we provide crucial information to your potential customers, including pricing, sitelinks, callouts, promotion and location extensions.

We use A/B testing on every campaign to enhance click-through rates and improve sales conversion. This is no set-and-forget system — our Google Ads experts will monitor and refine your ads to make sure you’re getting the best results.

If you’re in need of a Newcastle Google Ads agency that will get the greatest value out of your Google Ads budget then we’re the agency you need on your team.

Reporting and analysis

We tailor your Google Ads reports to your personal needs and the metrics that matter most to your business. All our Google Ads management services include ongoing monthly performance and activity reports covering items accomplished and items planned for the coming month.

High quality, transparent reporting can be hard to come by, that’s why at Gorila we’re happy to provide the honest, clear reporting you and your management team need.

Dynamic Search Ads

Dynamic Search Ads are perfect for ecommerce businesses.

For online businesses with hundreds or even thousands of products, creating separate text ads for each product is simply not practical. That’s where Dynamic Search Ads come in.

Dynamic Search Ads do the heavy lifting for you in three simple steps:

  1. Google automatically matches what someone has typed into a Google search with the most relevant page on your website
  2. It generates headlines based on the user’s specific query
  3. It inserts description lines related to your landing page, linking directly to your site

Dynamic Search Ads drive great results without needing a lot of leg work. They also give greater control to the advertiser by generating keywords for search campaigns. Say “goodbye” to wasting time tediously mapping keywords and “hello” to capturing additional traffic in new markets without lifting a finger!

Google Shopping Management

Let Gorilla’s experts handle your Google Shopping activity so you can focus on running your business. We can take the pressure off by:

  • Managing your Google Merchant Center
  • Monitoring your feed
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest Google changes to ensure your ads remain competitive

Well-structured product names can help increase the relevancy and exposure of your products on Google Shopping. That’s why it’s important to structure your products’ names in a way that matches what people are searching for in terms of brand, product type, model, colour, size, and more.

Our team can increase the number of impressions your ads receive and drive more traffic to your site. Want to gather even more ad attention? Running promo campaigns and choosing clean, differentiated images will make your product truly stand out from the crowd.

Need an agency to help with Google Ads? Our Google Ads specialists can help with Google Shopping, Search Ads, Feed Optimisation – you name it! With offices in NewcastleBrisbane and Sydney and team member’s based in Melbourne, there’s a helpful Gorilla near you.

Feed optimisation

Feed optimisation increases the likelihood your ads will be shown in Google Shopping. It’s about increasing the quality of the product information sent from Google Merchant Center to Google Ads in order to boost your brand’s presence in Google Shopping results.

With feed optimisation it’s the expert-level refinements that squeeze extra juice out of your advertising spend – and it’s all in the details.

Outsourcing the feed optimisation process ensures you focus on activities that will drive results, like more sales and a higher return on advertising spend (ROAS). As a specialist Google Ads agency we’ve got this well and truly covered at Gorilla 360. For Google Ads Sydney that you can trust, we’re your Gorillas.

Google Partnership

Gorilla has been a Google Partner for the best part of 10 years. Our relationship with Google gives us access to expert advice from internal account managers and assistance with troubleshooting any client-specific problems.

In essence, it’s a direct line to Google that enhances the performance of your advertising campaigns. Our Google Partner connection is invaluable as it gives us access to an exclusive tier of Google customer support which is unavailable to most businesses.

Ultimately, working with Gorilla means working with a team that is trusted by the biggest player in digital advertising, which means:

  • We get early access to Google’s beta features
  • We’re always up to speed with advertising best practices
  • We have a track record for generating high-impact campaigns that reach the right people at exactly the right time

Budget Management

Our clients give us a monthly figure to spend on advertising and we strategically spread those funds across activities that will generate the greatest return on investment. We use targeted bidding strategies, such as goal-optimised Google Shopping campaigns, to ensure your ads are shown to the people most likely to convert into customers.

When it comes to deciding how much you should spend, we can work backwards based on your total available advertising spend to see how much you can feasibly allocate to Google Ads. Alternatively, we can evaluate the traffic and opportunity for your chosen products or keywords in order to reverse engineer your budget. If you’re targeting popular products, for instance, you’ll require a larger budget than if you’ve got a small range of highly unique products.

Our experts can provide bespoke recommendations based on your business and your goals. We can also provide ongoing advice based on feedback analysis from each campaign. Most clients who achieve their minimum return on ad spend (ROAS) continue increasing their budget, their results and their impact.

CTR optimisation

Click-through rate (CTR) optimisation maximises the number of people seeing your ad and clicking through to the website. If you increase your click-through rate it means you’re generating more traffic from your ad’s impressions.

Gone are the days where you could simply throw money at Google Ads and wait to see what sticks — nowadays CTR optimisation is one of several factors that can improve your ad placings. The Ad Auction determines the order in which ads appear in Google, and this decision is based on your bid, the quality of your ads (this is where CTR comes into play), and the expected impact from ad extensions.

Gorilla can help structure and manage your account strategically, using an approach that goes way beyond keywords. Our techniques and tactics are designed to supercharge your clicks and conversions while keeping user optimisation in mind.

Quality Score optimisation

A quality score is a rating that Google gives your Google Ads based on factors like:

  • Click-through rate (CTR)
  • Relevancy and quality of your landing page
  • Ad quality
  • Historic performance of your Google Ads account

Your quality score can have an impact on the amount you pay per click and where you’re positioned in Google Ads. You can get cheaper clicks and cheaper traffic to your site by improving your click-through rate, the relevancy of your ads, and the quality of your landing page.

Gorilla 360 improves your quality score by:

  • Monitoring low-quality scores within your account
  • Providing recommendations to improve landing page quality
  • Adjusting ads to improve their relevance

Landing page creation

A landing page is a destination page linked to your Google Ads. When someone clicks on your ad, they’ll be directed to your landing page.

Factors for success on landing pages include:

  • A clear call to action (CTA)
  • Credibility factors
  • Outline of processes
  • FAQ section
  • Pricing
  • Contact information
  • Testimonials

At Gorilla 360 we create landing pages populated with these success factors to help increase customer conversion rates. We use a layout format and key elements on landing pages which encourage visitors to take action, for instance making contact or making an enquiry.

Landing page optimisation

Landing page optimisation refers to improving the destination page linked to your Google Ads (known as a landing page) to ensure that you’re converting your visitors at the highest rate possible.

Landing page optimisation can involve:

  • Adjusting copy and headlines
  • Adding testimonials
  • Adding product and service pricing
  • Including comparisons
  • Adding various calls to action
  • Performing layout tweaks

At Gorilla 360 there are two options when it comes to landing page optimisation.

Firstly, providing recommendations through a web developer in the form of a wireframe and outline of key elements to include on the page, such as headings and copy.

Secondly, the development of a landing page using a landing page tool without the need for web developer involvement. Gorilla 360 manages this process and the landing page, which creates the opportunity to make adjustments as we learn about the landing page’s performance.

Competitor analysis

Competitor analysis involves reviewing and assessing your competitor’s activities on Google Ads to help inform decisions about your own marketing. This analysis could include ad copy, how much and where your competitors are spending, competitor product pricing and how it compares to your own.

We use SEMrush and Google Ads data to gain insight into your competitors’ spending habits. This information is valuable as it:

  • Gives an insight into budget increase opportunities
  • Helps us generate more traffic
  • Allows us to target different keywords
  • Helps us adjust product and service pricing
  • Helps us adapt your ad messaging to help differentiate your ads from your competitors

When it comes to Google Ads Sydney businesses need clarity, and that’s exactly what we offer at Gorilla. No more confusion, no smoke and mirrors, just tried and tested strategies coupled with the latest innovations to get you big results.

Account audit

A Google Ads account audit involves reviewing the performance of your Google Ads account. It can involve reviewing and assessing the following factors:

  • Campaign structure
  • Performance indicators
  • Quality scores
  • Click-through rates
  • Ad conversion rates
  • Keyword performance
  • Reviewing negative keywords
  • Product performance
  • Merchant Center account health
  • Product feed issues

An account audit is a great way to check on the health of your Google Ads and identify any opportunities for improvement and testing. Looking for top quality Google Ads Sydney businesses? We’ve got you covered. At Gorilla we take away the guesswork and provide a clear plan for Google Ads success.

Video Ads

Video ads are highly effective. They’re more dynamic and engaging than text or static image ads and well suited to conveying brand messaging and improving brand visibility.

Video Google ads are run through YouTube. They can be shown as:

  • Skippable in-stream ads
  • Non-skippable in-stream ads
  • Video discovery ads
  • Bumper ads
  • Outstream ads
  • Masthead ads

Video ads are particularly suited to clients who:

  • Want to build their brand awareness in the marketplace
  • Have a product or service that requires explanation

It’s much easier to convey complex or nuanced information in video form than in a text or static ad.

At Gorilla 360 we can create a video ads plan as part of your overall marketing strategy. We work with reputable creative contractors to create video content, can edit and create video content using your existing video or stock footage, or we will gladly work with your own creative team.

App Ads

App ads are showcased within apps that have opted to show Google Ads.

App ads are suitable for clients who:

  • Are promoting their own app
  • Want to build brand awareness
  • Know their customers are heavy users of particular apps, or types of apps

Custom Audiences

Custom audiences let advertisers decide how to reach a client’s ideal audience by entering keywords, URLs and apps. They can be set up across a variety of locations including Display, Video, Gmail and Discovery campaigns.

How does it work?

Google custom audiences are created using Google Analytics.

As an example, for a client who sells gym clothes, a custom audience’s interests could include marathons, supplements and gym chains, and their URLs could include websites that feature fitness challenges, nutrition, lifestyle tips and health advice.

There are two ways to target audiences:

  1. Targeting – targeting narrows the reach of an audience. This is where you specifically tell Google the interests, demographics and other aspects of the audience you wish to target.
  2. Observation – observation involves asking Google to “observe” your audiences and make slight bid adjustments if it thinks an audience is likely to fulfil the campaign objective.

There are several types of custom audiences including:

  • Demographics – things like age and gender
  • Affinity audiences – Google uses its algorithms to identify the common interests of individuals visiting websites. The topics won’t necessarily have anything to do with the website being advertised, for example, the website we’re advertising might sell dog food, but Google could identify that people interested in that dog food website are also interested in gym clothing.
  • In-market audiences – interests of people likely to purchase from your website. Google will review the audience list and collate common interests of people who purchased or are “in-market” to purchase. For example, Analytics might pick up that the in-market audiences include people interested in “Home & Garden”, “Sports and fitness” and “Travel”.
  • Remarketing and similar audiences – remarketing to interested audiences. This can be in the form of a customer list or remarketing based on users who previously visited your website.

Affinity Audiences

Affinity audiences are custom audiences based on buyer preferences. They’re made up of people who may not necessarily be aware of your brand, but their buying and browsing patterns suggest they’d be likely to purchase your products.

How does it work?

  • Google uses its algorithms to identify the common interests of people visiting a website. Google collates data on every user that visits a website site using cookies and Google Tag Manager (GTM). When someone lands on a website, google will look at that user’s profile and, if it notices a lot of people coming through to the website with the same interests, they’re classified as an affinity audience.
  • Google identifies people based on their searches and visited pages, to assess their interest. For instance they may be interested in luxury products like cars or wine. Google understands those people are interested in those topics, and can then create an audience of similar people.

How can affinity audiences help grow your business?

  • Often we’ll target audiences based on their search terms, however this isn’t always possible. Sometimes there are limitations on targeting people based on search terms because there might be too much competition, or the cost per click might be too high, or there may just be no search traffic for that particular keyword — that’s where affinity audiences come in.
  • Affinity audiences give you the opportunity to reach people who are likely to be interested in your product or visit your website. It means you can target customers who may not specifically be searching for your product but who, based on their preferences and Google’s insights, are likely to be interested in it.

Custom Intent Audiences

Custom intent audiences allow us to target audiences who are researching products with the intent to buy.

Custom intent audiences are great for:

  • Reaching people who are in the market for your product or service
  • Building brand awareness during the early research process
  • Big ticket items like homes and cars that require a lot of research
  • Reaching people that have shown interest in your product or service and are in research mode
  • Potentially reaching audiences early in the buying cycle, before they’ve made a decision

With Google Ads we take into account the various stages of the marketing “funnel”. Think of it as an inverted pyramid, with a broad audience at the top and funneling down to a narrower field at the bottom.

We have different intent audiences at different stages of the funnel:

  • Top of funnel – At the top of the funnel is a wide audience of people who haven’t heard of your brand. Through the use of targeting, we’re able to get these people from unaware to aware.
  • Middle of funnel – Once someone is aware, they will fall into the middle of the funnel where they’re “considering” the product. Of course, there are always going to be less people who “consider” a product, making the middle of funnel audience more narrow than the top.
  • Bottom of funnel – People are slowly funneled to the bottom of the funnel once Google recognises they’re ready to purchase. Again, there are more people in the consideration stage than in the buying stage, so at this point we have a smaller audience of people who are likely to buy your products or services.

Building brand awareness early in the research process through custom intent audiences means when potential customers are ready to buy, your brand will be front of mind. In other words, if they’ve come across your brand before, they’ll be more likely to choose your product.

Remarketing List Creation

Remarketing lists allow us to target audiences who are aware of and interested in your brand. Remarketing lists are set up within Google Analytics based on certain actions, activities or audiences.

A remarketing list is used to target people who are likely to purchase your products or services. For instance, if the people on these lists have visited your website and added products to a cart, they can be targeted with remarketing ads to encourage them to return to your website and complete the purchase.

Remarketing lists can be set up based on:

  • People who have visited a specific page of your website
  • People who have taken certain actions on your site, like added a product to a cart
  • People who’ve visited certain sections or categories of your website
  • Your existing customer database – you can upload your email database as a remarketing list in Google Ads

Your Google Ads messaging is tailored to reflect what the potential customers on your remarketing list did when visiting your website, whether it was browsing particular products or pages or adding items to a cart.

Remarketing lists encourage better return from your advertising spend, and they’re also a great way to create another touchpoint with customers. They allow you to market to a warm audience who are aware of your brand, rather than going after new, cold audiences.

Demographic Targeting

Demographic targeting allows you to refine your target audience based on certain demographic factors. This means your ads will be seen by groups of people most likely to be interested in or purchase your products.

You can target people in Google Search, Google Display & Video ads based on their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Household income

You can also target audiences by parental status in Google Ads, Display and Video.

By targeting demographics, you can refine and better utilise your advertising spend, focusing on demographics most likely to purchase your products or services. You can also avoid wasting money on demographics with poor conversion rates.

For example, if males or people under the age of 25 aren’t potential customers, you can exclude those demographics from seeing your ads and leave more budget to spend on people likely to convert into customers.

Need help navigating the murky waters of Google Ads? We offer Google Ads that you can truly rely on. No smoke and mirrors, no waffle, no BS, just clear, brilliant results.

In-Market Audiences

In-market audiences are made up of people who are actively researching products and services and considering buying. Google bases these audiences on how people have browsed pages across the web.

In terms of in-market audiences, you can target over a dozen categories including apparel and accessories, baby and children’s products, education, home and garden, real estate, and sports and fitness.

In-market audiences indicate whether a particular user is in the market for your products or services, giving you an opportunity to reach people early in their research phase and build brand awareness.

Keyword research

Keyword research involves identifying the keywords your potential customers are using. We can then target these keywords with ads to drive qualified traffic, and potential buyers, to your website.

For example, when you searched for our website you may have searched for “Melbourne Google Ads agency”, or for a “Google Ads agency near me”. It’s keywords like these that we target to make sure the right customers are finding our website, and we’ll do the same for you.

How does it work?

At Gorilla 360 our keyword research process involves the following stages:

  • Review – we review your website and your competitors using tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner, SEMRush and Ahrefs
  • Research – based on the feedback received during client briefing sessions we perform keyword research and create a list of potential target keywords
  • Refine – We refine your keywords based on their performance – which keywords are experiencing the most search traffic and which terms will generate the highest ROI

Keyword research isn’t a one-off solution but an ongoing process. We constantly update our client’s targeted keywords to ensure the best possible return on their advertising spend.

Brand building

Google Ads is a very effective, measurable way of building brand awareness.

You can build brand awareness using Google Ads with:

  • Search Ads – Search Ads let us show your ad in Google results when someone’s looking for a particular product or service, or even searching for one of your competitors
  • Youtube – YouTube enables a high level of targeting and lets you communicate your brand messaging to a large audience via video
  • Display Network – the Display Network is great for targeting potential customers and raising brand awareness by targeting selected audiences, websites and demographics with your ads

By establishing a stronger brand, you can generate:

  • More organic traffic to your site
  • More interest in your brand
  • More credibility within the marketplace

Over time, greater brand awareness gives you a competitive advantage, which means more traffic and more customers and, potentially, a higher conversion rate.

Looking for great Google Ads in Melbourne? Our Melbourne Google Ads team can help build brand awareness, drive customers to your website and grow your business. Get in touch with Gorillas near you – we have offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane.

Product Launch

Google Ads can be used to promote product launches by giving you access to a market of potential customers. For example, if you sell a product that already has demand, you can tap into existing traffic for that product through shopping ads and text search ads. You can also use YouTube or Google Display ads to increase awareness and visibility of your product across the web.

Google Ads is a cost effective way to promote and measure the success of new product launches. Unlike advertising on traditional media channels like TV or radio, Google Ads are highly targeted, meaning you can specify the type of customer you want to reach to based on:

  • Demographics
  • Location
  • Google search keywords
  • Browsing behavior

Rather than casting the net wide, with Google Ads you’re refining your product launch to audiences more likely to be interested in your products or services.

Google Ads for Shopify

Shopify is an ecommerce management platform for online stores. As a Google Ads agency and certified Shopify Partner agency, we deal with a wide variety of ecommerce clients from small local businesses to massive multinationals. We provide a range of Google Ads services for Shopify businesses including:

  • Search campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Display campaigns
  • Video Campaigns
  • Discovery Campaigns
  • Dynamic Search Campaigns

As a Shopify Partner we’ve worked with Shopify for years, serving clients of all sizes and stages, from single product shops and startups through to retailers with hundreds or thousands of products.

Shopify is great for integrating with Google Shopping, Search Ads and Dynamic Search Ads. Shopify pages are easy for Google to crawl and index, meaning Google can easily match the most relevant page with what someone is searching for.

We’ll handle every aspect of your Shopify Google Ads service. For a Google Ads agency Sydney businesses can trust, we’re your Gorillas.

Google Ads for Neto

Neto is a content management service (CMS) for ecommerce businesses.

Gorilla 360 provides the following Google Ads services for Neto websites:

  • Dynamic search
  • Shopping display
  • Youtube advertising

We’re not only a Google Ads agency but a Neto partner, and we manage a number of small to large scale ecommerce stores. We can help with everything from setting up a Merchant Centre account to creating a Google Shopping feed within Neto.

Google Ads for Local Businesses

Gorilla helps local businesses drive traffic to both their physical shop-front and online store using Google Ads. We often achieve this by implementing location extensions within Google Ads. Location extensions include:

  • Distance of the customer from your business location
  • Street address of your business
  • A call button for your business
  • Information like opening hours, directions, pricing and reviews

For local business clients, we typically focus on search ads and achieving low cost per acquisition for new customers.

Looking for high converting Google Ads? Look no further. At Gorilla 360 we’re your local Google Ads gurus. Book in a time to chat today.

Google Ads for Lead Generation

Google’s search ads are an effective way to drive traffic to a website and create customers.

Search ads contain up to three headlines and two description lines, as well as extensions. Within the ads, it’s the advertisers job to entice a potential customer to click on the ad and through to the website. This can be done through:

  • Creatively crafted ad copy
  • Highlighting targeted keywords
  • Adding search extensions such as contact information, pricing and testimonials

Once a user visits the website, it’s important to have an optimised landing page that makes it super easy for the potential customer to get in touch with the business.

At Gorilla, we’ve helped a variety of lead generation clients create valuable leads through Google Ads, from local startups to national companies. When you team up with us you’re working with the Google Ads agency Sydney businesses have trusted to grow their business for over since 2010.

Extension Management and Optimisation

Google Ads extensions are blocks of information which typically appear at the bottom of your search ads. They can include things like:

  • Your phone number
  • Your location
  • Site links
  • Call outs

All of these options help your ads take up more real estate and provide extra information to your customers, giving them more pathways to your website and your business.

Optimising your Google Ads extensions involves refining and adapting your extensions based on their performance through data such as click through rates. We’ll modify and improve your Google Ads extensions over time to ensure the best possible results.

Google Ads Scheduling

Google Ad Scheduling allows you to show your ads at times that will be most beneficial to your business.

Google Ads scheduling can be done based on:

  • Time of day – for instance during business hours, or in the evenings
  • Days of the week – for example Monday-Friday or weekends

Ad scheduling can be used to adjust bids, essentially making higher bids at popular times and lower bids at low conversion times. If, for instance, you’re converting more people between the hours of 5 pm and 9 pm we can increase your Google Ads bidding during this time to give you the best chance of generating clicks when your audience is most active.

Mobile Advertising

These days most internet traffic is on mobile – in fact around 70% of web searches are performed on mobile devices – so ensuring your Google Ads appear on mobile is crucial.

It’s important to ensure your content is calibrated for mobile. For instance, on mobile devices it’s common for Google to only show the first two headlines and first description line of the ad. Therefore it’s important to either make a mobile friendly ad or ensure your ad is still providing the most value with those sections removed

If your ads perform better on mobile, we can increase your Google Ads bids for people using Google on mobile devices and improve your chances of driving more traffic to your website.

People often use mobile devices to find local businesses, so by enabling extensions like phone numbers and other contact information on your Google Ads, locals can get in touch with your business in a single click.


Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMPs, are fast loading mobile landing pages designed to:

  • Reduce website abandonment and bounce rates
  • Increase conversions
  • Improve overall ad performance

At Gorilla 360 we can set up ads which link to your AMP landing pages. All you need to do is create an AMP version of your landing page and treat it like you would any other mobile landing page.

Conversion Tracking

Conversions are also known as “leads” or “sales”. We track Google Ads conversions to understand the profitability or effectiveness of a campaign.

Once an account has enough conversion data, we can create strategies based on maximising conversions, such as leads or sales, or adding a cost per acquisition (CPA) target which indicates our ideal cost per sale or cost per enquiry.

Conversion tracking can take the form of, for example:

  • An ecommerce business’s transactions or sales
  • A lead generation or local business’s phone calls, clicks or enquiry form submissions

Conversion tracking allows you to visibly see the return on your investment in Google Ads, and see at a more granular level where opportunities or performances are coming from. Looking for high quality Google Ads? When you work with us you get a clear plan for success, clear reporting and clear results on everything from conversion tracking to ad creation.

Call Tracking

Call tracking is a type of conversion tracking. Call tracking enables you to gain visibility over how many people have clicked on a Google ad, visited your website and made a phone call to your business.

Call tracking works by showing a dynamic phone number on your website when someone has clicked on your Google ad, and that enables us to link that particular phone call to that number, to the fact that that person has clicked on an ad previously.

Call tracking is valuable because it provides greater visibility over the performance of your Google Ads advertising and helps you clearly measure the return on investment from your advertising spend.

ROAS Optimisation

Return on ad spend (ROAS) is the amount of money made per dollar spent on advertising. For instance, if your target ROAS is 5 times, that will equate to $5 revenue for every $1 invested in advertising. ROAS goals vary depending on a company’s life stage, growth, margins, targets and objectives.

We help our clients optimise their ROAS by utilising different bidding strategies. For instance, a goal optimised bidding strategy can increase return on ad spend, by setting a target ROAS that Google needs to optimise for. We pause ads that aren’t returning strongly or add negative keywords into the mix to remove less relevant terms driving traffic.

ROAS is used as a measurement for ecommerce businesses as it’s easy to tie the return made from a dollar spent on ads to the return in your Google Ads account, and that’s achieved by setting up conversion tracking within your account.

Bidding Strategies

Google Ads bidding involves strategically bidding a predetermined amount of money to achieve a desired outcome in Google Ads.

If your strategy is to maximise conversions then you’re not necessarily after being at the top of the results page, your goal is to get sales or leads. If you’re using a maximise clicks bidding strategy then your goal is to get as many clicks as possible

There are five Google bidding strategies:

  • Target cost per acquisition
  • Target return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • Maximise conversions
  • Maximise conversion value
  • Enhance cost per click

The type of bidding strategy used depends on whether you’re an ecommerce or lead generation site and your campaign objectives. You may be after maximum site visits, maximum return and revenue, or you may want to drive actions through your site like enquiry forms or phone calls.

Using different Google bidding strategies helps you align them to your overall strategy and objectives and achieve your goals. Bidding strategies help you leverage Google’s algorithm and maximise your chosen outcomes.

Google Ads Training

As a certified Google Ads agency we can provide Google Ads training to your team and stakeholders in addition to taking care of your Google Ads account set up and management. We can provide a tailored Google Ads training program, or conduct our off-the-shelf training.

We can empower your staff to use Google Ads to best effect through training, expert advice and helpful tips. Our training covers:

  • Search campaigns
  • Shopping campaigns
  • Keyword research
  • Account set up
  • Structure
  • Google Ads best practices
  • Ongoing optimisation

We’ll tailor your training experience to your needs – we offer one-on-one and small group training and can train your team in person or online. Get in touch to find out more about Google Ads training from the Google Ads agency you can trust.

Google Ads is one of the fastest ways to accelerate your online sales and build brand awareness.

As a certified Google Ads agency we set up and manage Google Ads campaigns for businesses of all shapes and sizes across a range of industries — everyone from local startups through to multinationals.

We’re not only Google Ads experts, but expert communicators, too. We provide clear, regular reporting on your Google Ads progress, using industry leading data analysis to provide in-depth insights on your performance. We’re constantly on the hunt for new opportunities to attract customers to your business and we stop at nothing to help you meet — and beat — your Google Ads goals.

What makes us different?

  • We’re data driven – Everything we do is guided by data and analytics. We constantly improve your campaign’s performance by utilising the wealth of data available to us.
  • We’re values driven – We genuinely care about our clients – we aren’t just here to make money. We bring clarity to your Google Ads and overall marketing strategy so you can make informed investment decisions and grow your business.
  • We’re experienced – We’ve been helping clients from a wide range of industries grow their businesses for over 10 years. We’ve grown on the back of transparency, honesty, and doing the right thing by our clients.

Our approach to Google Ads

We Gorillas pride ourselves on quality campaign management. We’re certified by Google, which means our specialists will expertly manage your campaigns, continually refine your strategies, maximise your ROI and drive results, all backed up by the might of Google. As a Google Partner, we have a direct line to Google which we use to maximise your Google Ads success.

Unlike other Google Ads agencies, we provide 100% transparency to our clients and encourage collaborative client involvement in our campaigns. That means:

  • We provide tailored advice on growing your business through Google Ads
  • You have full access to your Google Ads data
    We regularly provide clear, informative reporting on your Google Ads progress
  • We ensure full transparency in all our communications – no smoke and mirrors or confusing jargon

Our focus is on growing your brand and growing your customer base. Impressions and clicks are great, but our focus is on serious business growth through smart advertising with a permanent focus on what matters most – creating new customers and growing your business.

We achieve our aims by taking an integrated approach to advertising and marketing – using paid and organic content together to drive superior results.

Looking for high converting Google Ads, Sydney business owners? We create and manage the effective Google Ads Sydney businesses need to grow their brand. You’ll find friendly, Google Ads expert Gorillas in Sydney, Newcastle and Brisbane. Book in a time to chat today.

Growing your business with Google Ads

Our Google Ads services

Gorilla is a full service Google Ads agency. We handle everything from total campaign management to isolated services like one-off account audits or training for your team.

We’re experienced in pulling all the pieces of your marketing together. We make sure you’ve got first class tracking and reporting in place so you’ve always got your finger on the pulse of your advertising campaigns

As Shopify and Neto partners, a big part of what we do is focused on the ecommerce retail space. We help online retailers scale their sales nationally and internationally through our Google Ads services, including expert management of Google Shopping campaigns.

We also work with local and national lead generation businesses, helping them grow their brands by driving leads and enquiries.

How does it work?

Our dedicated team of Google Ads specialists will get to know you and your business, then conduct industry and competitor research to understand what is working in your niche. They’ll then present you with a detailed strategy on how to grow your business with Google Ads.

Depending on your priorities our strategy can encompass the full spectrum of Google Ads services including:

  • Search
  • Remarketing
  • Dynamic
  • Display
  • Google Shopping

What makes a successful Google Ads campaign?

  • Laser focus on data
  • Scripts to automate repetitive tasks
  • Using Google’s intelligence
  • Experienced PPC managers

At Gorilla 360 we create and manage successful Google Ads campaigns for hundreds of clients. No matter the size, scope or stage of your business, our Google Ads experts can help you grow your brand and increase your visibility through tailored, effective Google Ads campaigns.

Working with Gorilla 360

How we work together

As a business we’ve grown on the back of honesty and transparency – and that’s how we work with clients every single day. We bring clarity to your marketing and our relationship. At Gorilla 360 we keep you in the loop. You’ll always know what we’re working on and why.

We’ll have a set cycle of in-depth meetings, quick update calls and reports. We pride ourselves on providing regular, clear communication and keeping you informed on your progress, wins and opportunities.

Getting started

Still here? Great! If you’d like to explore working together, please get in touch for an obligation free consultation.

Getting started on your Gorilla journey is easy:

  • We’ll start by asking you a series of questions about your business and your goals
  • We’ll analyse your current performance and identify strategies to increase your sales
  • We’ll prepare a tailored proposal and a clear roadmap for working together

At Gorilla we don’t do cookie cutter solutions. We’ll carefully consider your business, needs and targets and put together a custom plan to achieve your goals. When you work with us there’s no guesswork, we’re all about clarity and cutting through the noise to give you a clear, jargon-free marketing road map.

We appreciate you taking the time to read our website, hopefully you’ve got a good sense of who we are and what we’re about. We’d love to work with you – get in touch today.

Looking for great Google Ads Management Services? Get clear planning, clear reporting and clear results.

Popular Questions

There is no limit to the number of keywords you can target with a Google advertising campaign.

There are two approaches to choosing which keywords to target:

Start broad and refine over time based on performance
Start succinct and expand the keyword list over time as we find more relevant high performing keywords
At Gorilla 360 we conduct thorough Google keyword research to gain an in-depth understanding of what your customers are searching for. We also examine what your competitors are targeting with their Google advertising and SEO campaigns. We then use this information to compile a comprehensive list of keywords to target with your Google Ads campaign.

We also don’t place a limit on the number of keywords you can target as part of your campaign. At the end of the day, we’re all about growing your revenue and capturing as many customer opportunities as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to rank for “Brisbane Google Ads agency” or “Perth puppy grooming” our Google Ads experts will find the right combination of keywords to get your ads in front of your ideal audience.

Google Ads allows businesses to advertise their products and services to targeted audiences across the Google Network, increasing brand awareness and driving website traffic. As a Google Ads agency our Google Ads services include:

  • Search ads – we create ads based on keywords associated with your product. When a potential customer types those keywords into Google, your ad will appear
  • Google Shopping – for ecommerce clients we create visual, informative ads using Google Merchant centre to showcase products in Google Shopping
  • Video – we help businesses increase brand and product awareness with video ads
  • Display ads – these visually appealing ads can be displayed in a range of places including Gmail, apps and websites. This ad format is great for brand awareness and remarketing

Google Ads is run using an auction system. Google Ads managers set bids, this is an amount of money they’re willing to spend to achieve their desired outcome, whether it’s placing high in search results, getting more clicks or more conversions. You can control your bidding budget to optimise your return on advertising spend. Ad auctions also take into account ad relevance and the historical or predicted performance of your ad.

Google Ads is a complex and data-heavy platform, which is why it’s best to have a certified Google Ads agency at the helm.

Yes. Google Ads is an effective way to attract customers as you can target people who are searching for your products. If a potential customer searches for your products or services your ad will be a Google search or Google Shopping result.

With Google Ads you can target potential customers based on demographics, location, intent, buying behaviour and previous websites visits in conjunction with their search.

Absolutely. As a specialist Google Ads agency, at Gorilla 360 we can assess your current Google Ads strategy and recommend improvements to help you achieve maximum return on your advertising spend.

Our team of experienced Google Ads specialists can review your existing Google Ads setup and recommend improvements on your current advertising campaigns. Our specialists will assess the following factors:

  • Keyword targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ad content
  • Extensions
  • Bidding strategies
  • Whether you’re testing out different ad types

From there, we’ll make tailored recommendations on how to improve your existing Google Ads account. We’re specialists in Google Ads and our dedicated, expert staff can drive a great return on investment for your current Google Ads account.

We’re the Google Ads agency businesses turn to for clarity, peace of mind and great results. Whatever it takes to get you the best results from your Google Ads account, we’ll make it happen.

Google Ads works for a variety of lead generation and ecommerce businesses. Your level of success will depend on your competition, your budget, search volume, demand for your product or service and your website’s effectiveness.

We’ll conduct a thorough audit of your business free of charge to determine whether Google Ads will work for you.

When it comes to Google Ads, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane businesses need clarity — clear plans, clear reporting and, most of all, clear results. When you team up with the Gorilla crew, that’s exactly what you get. At Gorilla 360 we can determine whether Google Ads will work for your business and help improve your chances of success.

Absolutely. We’ll manage the entire process for you and make the transition as easy and smooth as possible. When we take over Google Ads from other agencies we either refine existing strategies and structures or set up an all-new campaign structure. Either way, you’re ready to hit the ground running with minimal downtime.

For Google Ads Sydney businesses and businesses all round Australia can rely on, we’re your Gorillas.

Typically, our most successful clients do both. Google Ads and SEO complement each other, so we often recommend using a combination of the two. However, it’s all about what’s best for your business. There’s no cookie cutter rule when it comes to Google Ads and SEO, so we’ll work with you to create a strategy that employs the best combination of both to suit you. If you’ve got the budget, we’d definitely recommend using SEO and Google Ads together.

Google Ads can be set up very quickly and start driving results within a few weeks, but requires continuous payments to Google. Meanwhile SEO is a slow, long-term process and is known to drive the highest return on investment of almost any marketing channel.

Whether you’re based in Broken Hill or Brisbane, Google Ads and SEO can grow your business faster and more sustainably than virtually any other marketing methods.

We provide a full range of Google Ads services, including:

  • Search ads
  • Google Shopping
  • Display advertising
  • Remarketing
  • Google account audits
  • Google training
  • Ongoing Google Ads management

These services can help you grow your customer base, increase revenue and build brand awareness.

As a full service digital marketing agency and certified Google Ads agency, at Gorilla 360 we provide Google Ads services in combination with other digital marketing services, such as Facebook advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), analytics and reporting.

When you choose Gorilla, you’re working with the Google Ads agency that companies have turned to for over 10+ years for clarity on their Google Ads strategy. Let us help you today.

Typically our clients launch their Google advertising campaigns with a minimum $1000 monthly budget, but we also have clients who spend $100,000+ per month. Your budget is up to you! Google Ads is one of the most flexible forms of marketing and gives you full control over your advertising budget.

No matter your budget, our pricing methods are always the same. We charge a flat Google Ads management fee and don’t take a cut of your Google Ads spending. Your budget can be structured for daily or monthly spend depending on your preference. We can target your ads to certain times of the day, or use them all up in the morning, it’s up to you.

There are no hidden fees with our Google Ads service. What you see is what you get.

Yes, we have over a decade of experience in Google Ads. We began as a search marketing agency back in 2010 and have since evolved into a full service digital marketing agency. We’re a Google Ads Partner agency and we employ certified, experienced Google Ads specialists with expert knowledge and extensive experience managing campaigns for everyone from small local businesses to national clients.

Our Newcastle Google Ads specialists can handle everything from straightforward to highly complex advertising accounts. No matter your company’s scope, size or stage our experienced Google Ads team can help you achieve your advertising goals.

A good Google Ads company should have:

  • Experienced specialists – a good Google Ads company should have Google certified specialists with a wide range of experience. You should ask if the company has managed similar accounts to yours before deciding to go with them
  • Google partnership – a good Google Ads company should be a Google partner
  • A thorough, comprehensive work ethic – make sure the Google Ads agency performs checks, balances and processes which maximise your Google Ads performance
  • References – Ask for references from the Google Ads agency. Speak with existing clients to get an idea of their satisfaction with the agency’s service
    Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get to know a Google Ads company before hiring them.

Need an agency to help with Google Ads in Sydney? Our Google Ads Sydney based specialists can cut through the jargon to give you a clear Google Ads plan, clear reporting and clear results. Grow your business with our Sydney, Newcastle or Brisbane based crews.

Yes. We are one of only a handful of Google Partner agencies in Australia. Google Partners are allowed access to exclusive information, training and insights from Google. As an official Google Partner agency we have:

  • A direct line to Google and exclusive access to expert Google representatives
  • The ability to discuss your Google Ads account directly with Google and gain insights straight from the horse’s mouth
  • Priority access to new Google products before their release to other Australia companies

All of this adds up to the best possible management of your Google Ads account.

Keywords are words customers type into a Google search bar when performing a Google search. We usually divide keywords into three groups:

  • Informational keywords
  • Transactional keywords
  • Navigational keywords

Transactional keywords are the most important keywords for the majority of businesses as these keywords are used when a customer is looking to buy a product or service. For example, if you wanted to buy a new TV you might type “buy TV”, “best big screen TVs” or “newest TVs” into Google – these are transactional keywords.

For example, when you searched for this website you may have typed in “Google Ads agency Melbourne”, or “Sydney Google Ads agency”. Or, for instance, if you wanted to buy a new TV you might type “buy TV”, “best big screen TVs” or “newest TVs” into Google – these are transactional keywords.

At Gorilla 360, we conduct in-depth keyword research for your business and industry to establish what your customers are searching for, then target those keywords with your Google Ads.

There is no limit to the number of keywords you can target with a Google advertising campaign.

There are two approaches to choosing which keywords to target:

  • Start broad and refine over time based on performance
  • Start succinct and expand the keyword list over time as we find more relevant high performing keywords

At Gorilla 360 we conduct thorough Google keyword research to gain an in-depth understanding of what your customers are searching for. We also examine what your competitors are targeting with their Google advertising and SEO campaigns. We then use this information to compile a comprehensive list of keywords to target with your Google Ads campaign.

We also don’t place a limit on the number of keywords you can target as part of your campaign. At the end of the day, we’re all about growing your revenue and capturing as many customer opportunities as possible. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to rank for “Brisbane Google Ads agency” or “Perth puppy grooming” our Google Ads experts will find the right combination of keywords to get your ads in front of your ideal audience.

Absolutely. We provide a range of Google Ads training options with both standard and customised training available. Whatever you need, we can provide a tailored or off-the-shelf training solution for your company.

We offer tailored one-on-one or group training sessions. We also offer a standardised training which we can deliver to your company and stakeholders to help improve your understanding of everything from Google Ads 101 up to advanced training.

Contact us for more information on training.

Yes. We’re a certified Google Shopping agency and provide expert Google Shopping services to our ecommerce retailers. We manage Google Shopping advertising budgets for a variety of large and small retailers every month and can do the same for you.

Our clients use Google Shopping across many different retail sectors, from sports and leisure to furniture, lingerie, clothing and fashion. Our pay-per-click (PPC) specialists are trained extensively in Google Shopping campaign management and use leading industry tools to drive performance. We also optimise your data feeds to ensure that your ad’s visibility is maximised in Google search results.

Yes. We’re a certified Google Shopping agency and provide expert Google Shopping services to our ecommerce retailers. We manage Google Shopping advertising budgets for a variety of large and small retailers every month and can do the same for you.

Our clients use Google Shopping across many different retail sectors, from sports and leisure to furniture, lingerie, clothing and fashion. Our pay-per-click (PPC) specialists are trained extensively in Google Shopping campaign management and use leading industry tools to drive performance. We also optimise your data feeds to ensure that your ad’s visibility is maximised in Google search results.

At Gorilla 360 we provide 100% transparent management fees.

We charge a flat management fee based on the amount of time required to manage your Google Ads campaign. We don’t receive any commissions or kickbacks and we don’t take a percentage of your Google advertising budget. We’re all about providing you with clarity and transparency on your marketing, and that includes your fees.

There are many reasons to choose Gorilla 360 as your Google Ads agency. Three main reasons are:

  1. We’re data driven – Everything we do is guided by data and analytics. We constantly improve your campaign’s performance by utilising the wealth of data available to us
  2. We’re values driven – We genuinely care about our clients – we aren’t just here to make money. We bring clarity to your Google Ads and overall marketing strategy so you can make informed investment decisions and grow your business
  3. We’re experienced – We’ve been helping clients from a wide range of industries grow their businesses for over 10 years. We’ve grown on the back of transparency, honesty, and doing the right thing by our clients

At Gorilla we’re all about clarity. We explain everything in plain English, use transparent reporting and cut out the smoke and mirrors to provide you with a smooth, easy and rewarding Google Ads service. If you’d like to find out more about what our Google Ads specialists can do for you, contact us today.

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