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Need help growing your Neto ecommerce store? As a certified Neto Partner agency and ecommerce specialist we’ve helped Neto clients across Australia smash their goals with SEO, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email automation, digital strategy and more.

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Accelerate the growth of your Neto store with an ecommerce specialist Neto Partner agency
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We crush confusion and bring real clarity to digital marketing with a step-by-step plan for growth

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The Gorilla team are experts in digital marketing and have helped grow our online presence exponentially!

Mitch Jones

Golf World

We helped mother and baby brand Mater Baby Products take on their ambitious growth goals, grow their revenue and achieve an exceptional return on their digital advertising spend.

How we get results


We’ll get to know your business and your customers, develop key messaging and deliver a data-driven strategy that connects you with your ideal audience.

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We’ll use art and science, creative thinking and laser-focused targeting to deliver real results and help you reach your goals.

We don’t set and forget. Our hard-working specialists will continually revisit, revamp and revitalise your strategy to get the best possible outcome.

Our Services

We’ve got everything covered.

Google Ads

We’re not just a Neto partner agency, we’re also a certified Google Partner agency. Not to brag, but our Google Partner status means we’re trusted by the biggest player in digital advertising to deliver top-shelf Google advertising for our clients. Our partnership also means we get early access to Google’s beta features along with privileged access to the latest innovations and best practice information along with a direct line to Google.

We offer a full complement of Neto Google Ads services for our Neto clients including search advertising, display advertising, Google Shopping and remarketing, along with in-depth analytics and reporting. We’ll take care of everything from setting up your Merchant Centre account and creating a Google Shopping feed to managing your advertising bids and conducting thorough competitor analysis.

As a dedicated Neto agency, we’ve spent over 10 years generating high-impact Neto Google Ads campaigns for our Neto clients, helping ecommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes drive amazing results and send their revenue through the roof — and we can do the same for you.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is what we in the Digital Marketing biz call an ecommerce goldmine. By the time someone is searching for something on Google they’re usually ready to buy — and thanks to Google Shopping you can get your products front and centre with those shoppers.

At Gorilla we’ll handle everything from setting up your Merchant Centre account and configuring it with your Neto account, to setting up your Google Ads and setting up your product feed integrations. You name it, we’ll do it. Once everything is set up we’ll get straight to work creating conversion-driving Google Shopping campaigns and optimising your product feed.

If you’ve already got a Google Ads account and you’re not using Google Shopping you are seriously missing out. As an expert Neto Google Ads agency we’ve helped countless Neto Google Ads clients generate huge returns on advertising spend (ROAS) on their Google Shopping campaigns and we can definitely help you too.

Facebook Ads

When it comes to ecommerce businesses using Neto Facebook Ads is a must. Facebook Ads is a phenomenal platform for brand building. These days brand visibility and trust are crucial to driving sales — so, how do you build trust in your brand? At Gorilla we do it using the full funnel approach with Neto Facebook Ads. This means we move your audience from being unaware of your brand at the top of the funnel all the way down to being ready to buy at the bottom of the funnel. Throughout the process we show them ads that tell your brand story, showcase your products and help them get to know you so that by the time they’re ready to buy your products they’ll feel like they’ve known you all their life.

Our Neto Facebook Ads specialists know Neto like the back of their hands and they can configure your product feed through to Facebook and send customers flocking to your website with no trouble at all. If you’d like help with your Neto Facebook Ads from an expert ecommerce Neto agency, book in a chat with us today.


Search engine optimisation, or SEO, is the art and science of getting Google to love your website. SEO is what gets your website to the top of Google search results and helps customers find your products. There are dozens of ways we can help get your SEO rankings up but some of our favourites include on-site optimisation, click-through rate optimisation and link building. As a specialist Neto agency we can also provide Neto SEO training for your team.

Did you know we’re a Neto partner agency? That means we’re certified by Neto to provide expert SEO services tailored to the needs of Neto ecommerce sites.

Our Neto SEO experts will work with you to come up with a tailored SEO roadmap to get your Neto website to be best mates with Google and get your website and products in front of more customers. A lot of digital marketing agencies wrap their SEO services in smoke and mirrors, usually to hide the fact they’re using some seriously dodgy methods — but we don’t need to do that. We’re more than happy to share our processes with you and will provide detailed monthly reports to show you how it’s all going.


Ok, so you’ve got a great Neto website, now it’s time to fill it with compelling, SEO driving copy! Copy is an umbrella term for all the writing that appears on your website and in your ads, so product descriptions, category page information, FAQs, about us sections, blog posts, Facebook Ads, shipping policies…you get the idea! The beauty of all that copy is that it offers two great opportunities: one, to provide your customers with useful information and two, to improve your SEO rankings.

Our in-house copywriting team will collaborate with our Neto SEO experts to craft professional, intriguing copy that ropes in your audience and makes Google happy all at the same time. We can help with everything from creating a blog plan to writing blog posts, product information and ad copy. As a specialist Neto agency, our in-house copywriters know how to get amazing results for Neto websites. Our copywriters have written SEO content for ecommerce Neto clients selling everything from hardware to luxury candles and we can do the same for you.

The effectiveness of each platform will depend on the brand. We conduct thorough testing to establish which combination of the two works best for you. However you use them, by using both Facebook and Instagram you’re increasing your reach, improving engagement and ultimately setting yourself up for a higher return on investment for your advertising spend.

As a Facebook Ads agency we manage Instagram and Facebook campaigns for a whole range of businesses, from small local businesses to massive national and international companies and we can do the same for you.


Want customers to remember your brand long after they’ve left your website? That’s where remarketing comes in. As a Neto agency, this conversion-driving beauty is one of our favourite ways to ramp up sales for our Neto clients and it works like a charm. Remarketing can involve Facebook and Instagram Ads, the Google Display Network and a bunch of other platforms.

You’ve probably heard that it’s 5 times more expensive to recruit a new customer than retain an existing one — what remarketing does is take those “warm” customers who already know about your brand and have already visited your website and reminds them to complete their purchase with you.

Remarketing is a smart way to get your ads and brand messaging in front of audiences we already know are interested in your products. Most of the work is done — they know who you are, they know what you sell and they’ve made their way to your website. All we have to do now is close the sale, and remarketing is the way to do it.

If you want to harness the power of remarketing get in touch with us today — as a Neto partner agency we’re experts in Neto remarketing and we’d love to help you boost your sales and conversions with remarketing.

Link Building

Link building is the secret weapon that takes your website from good to great. Why do we love it? Because backlinks are the single most important factor for improving your SEO rankings — and they’re one of the most effective ways we get you to the top of Google’s search results. We have two different backlink strategies at our disposal — link attraction and link building. Link attraction involves making your website authoritative and full of valuable information — this will make other websites, blogs and publishers link to your website. The other technique is link building, which involves reaching out to other websites and getting them to link to your website.

Linking building is one of the most time consuming and complex aspects of digital marketing, but it’s also one of the most effective. Our Neto SEO specialists will create a high quality, future proof backlink profile for your business that’ll see your website soar up Google’s rankings — and stay there. As a specialist Neto agency, we’ve helped countless Neto clients build super strong backlink profiles and we can definitely help you too.


Blogs can do so much more than entertain. These digital marketing beauties can drive up your website rankings, provide fuel for your social media posts, increase your conversion rates, boost revenue and establish you as an authority in your industry — not bad for a little old blog! As an expert Neto agency, our SEO trained copywriters will put together a detailed blog plan of relevant topics that your customers are searching for, coupled with instructions on how to optimise your blog for SEO. From there, we have two options. You can either write the blogs yourself and have our experts review them, or our in-house copywriters can write the blogs for you.

We’ll establish advanced testing and tracking on all your blogs so we can see how many views they’re getting and how many sales, page views and subscriptions you’re getting as a result. We don’t just put your blogs up and leave them to it — we’ll optimise them to get the best return on your investment.

Digital Strategy

Businesses with a clear plan grow faster. With our digital strategy services, you’ll receive a tailored step-by-step plan to grow your business. Digital marketing has something of a reputation for being confusing and vague — that’s why as a specialist Neto agency we go out of our way to make your digital strategy crystal clear, unambiguous and actionable.

Every aspect of your digital strategy will be 100% data-driven. Audience data is at the core of everything we do — it’s all about defining your target audience, working out where they hang out and targeting them with exactly the right marketing techniques. We analyse every stage of the customer journey and work out what turns them away and what drives purchasing decisions, then we use that data to inform your personal digital marketing strategy.
You’re the experts in your industry, and we’re the experts in ours. We’ll collaborate with you to get your valuable insight into your niche, your customers and your products in a planning workshop to come up with a digital strategy that gets you real results, fast.

Google Analytics

To make good decisions, you need to have real confidence in your data. Confidence comes from clarity, from knowing exactly what you’re looking at and what it means in real terms for your business. As an expert ecommerce Neto agency, we’re highly experienced in all things Google Analytics and we can help you set up, improve and interpret your analytics data and show you how to use it to grow your business.

Marketing that’s led by data gets better results — it really is that simple. From an analytics audit to implementation, Google Tag Manager set up, developer recommendations, custom reporting, actionable insights and expert training, our Google Analytics experts provide a comprehensive range of analytics services designed to arm you with the knowledge you need to drive real growth for your business.

Google Analytics throws up a whole heap of data and it can seem intimidating at first. As both a Google Ads partner and Neto partner agency, we’ll show you how to interpret it and sift out the nuggets of marketing gold you need to start seeing better results for your business. Our Google Analytics experts have helped countless Neto clients interpret their analytics data and turn it into actionable insights, and they can help you too.


A lot of digital marketing is aimed at driving more traffic to your website — but what happens when it gets there? Conversion rate optimisation (or CRO) is the process of turning your website visitors into buyers. Through user experience tracking, testing and analytics our CRO experts can work out what’s turning your customers off and making them leave your website — then, they’ll work out how to fix it.

CRO can involve anything from updating the content on your website to creating new landing pages and optimising your checkout process. It’s all about mapping out your customer journey then finding and removing the roadblocks. You’re investing in digital marketing and advertising to get people onto your website — but you’ve got to make sure they stay there!

As a Neto agency, we’ve been helping clients maximise the conversion rates on their Neto websites since 2010, and we’re pretty darn slick at it these days. Book in a chat with us to find out how we can help you turn your website visitors into buyers with CRO.

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Growing your ecommerce store is tough. We’ve shown countless Neto clients like Golf World and Frontline Hobbies exactly where to invest to grow their stores, and we can show you too!

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