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The team at Gorilla 360 have really made the SEO process seamless. We’re already starting to see results within a few months from getting started.
– Nick Zivanovic, Marine Depot

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Our Process For Link Building

Want to grow your backlink profile, gain authority for your website and achieve high SEO rankings for your business? Our 100% transparent and results focused team will get it done.


We’ll take a deep dive into your competitors and identify link building targets tailored to your business.


Our experts will make a clear plan to attract the links needed to fill the gaps in your website’s backlink profile.


Build brand recognition and trust with your target market. Stay front of mind with marketing content that connects, engages and converts.


Take the guesswork out of your marketing. With decades of combined expertise, we can cut through the confusion and provide a clear roadmap to growth.

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Find out exactly how to boost your search engine rankings and get more customers onto your website with your free SEO strategy session. We’ll look into your keyword targeting, website content, and backlink profile and discuss opportunities to grow your business.

Our Services

We’ve got everything covered.

High quality link building

The best, most valuable links aren’t easy to get (otherwise everyone would have them, right?).

That’s where our link building company comes in. Links that drive the best results often take weeks or even months to come together. Our focus is on building high-quality links using techniques that meet search engine guidelines to a tee — We do this by concentrating on contextual, relevant backlinks using a content-driven approach delivered by professional copywriters.

Link building packages

We offer two types of link building packages: ongoing monthly links or project-based. Every client is different and we customise our approach to suit the competitiveness of your niche and the type and quality of links you need to compete. Rest assured that all packages include research, content creation, consulting and reporting to help you understand exactly how our link building efforts are progressing.

Ecommerce link building

Your ecommerce site may have hundreds or thousands of pages and prioritising these while building effective links can be difficult without expert help. Our specialised ecommerce link building packages drive results as we work closely with you, developing clear strategy and focusing on the best opportunities available.

Local link building

Want to dominate your local competitors? You’ll need local links to prove that you are a real player in your location. We provide link building services to help your website rank in your local area. Along with on-site optimisation and Google My Business signals, backlinks are the biggest ranking factor for local websites. We can help you get the local links you need, no matter your location.

Australian backlinks

For Australian businesses and websites it’s critical to acquire relevant Australian backlinks. As a well known and trusted SEO and link building company, we’ve got a track record of securing quality .au backlinks from a range of websites including blogs, businesses, universities and governments.

Content creation and promotion

High quality content creation and promotion is critical for SEO, particularly backlinks. Our team will help create a range of content from blogs and articles to infographics and ebooks, then promote them to help attract backlinks to your website. Our proven process starts with thorough research to identify the types of websites we want to acquire backlinks from. We then plan and create the type of content that will most appeal to these bloggers, publications or journalists.

Link audits

Low quality backlinks can cause a range of issues for your rankings including penalisation, and all the big search engines are very good at detecting an unhealthy link profile. Our link audit process allows us to review your backlink profile, identify any problematic links and provide a course of action for managing and rectifying the situation.

White label link building

We provide white label link building to SEO and marketing agencies. Whether you need regular ongoing backlinks or just a handful, we can help. We’ve been building high quality backlinks for clients and agencies alike since 2010. Our pricing is tailored to the niche and type of links required. Let us do the heavy lifting while you look after your client.

More services

Digital marketing is all about momentum. If you want to get the most bang for your link building buck you need to back it up with an arsenal of impactful, strategic SEO tools and additional marketing channels.


Boost your website’s authority and improve your rankings with premium quality SEO copywriting.

Digital Strategy

Find out exactly where to invest to grow your business faster.

Strategic SEO

Smash your ranking goals and set yourself up for success with a tailored SEO plan.

Meta Advertising

Get the good word out about your business. Meta is unrivalled as a brand awareness generator.

Get free strategy.

Our Clients Results

No shortcuts, no smoke and mirrors, no dodgy tactics. Just real, hard-earned links that grow your search engine rankings.

Plenty of link building agencies can build links, but not many can do it with full transparency and deliver real results. Our link building experts can.

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Our link building experts leave nothing to chance

SEO is the art of proving your website’s authority in the eyes of Google and other search engines – and backlinks are one of the biggest votes of confidence you can receive. Without a strong backlink profile, you could be hurting your website’s chances of ranking in search results. Our time-proven link attraction and link building services are designed to enhance your search visibility and deliver future-proof results.

The reality is; sustainable, high-quality link building is the most challenging aspect of SEO. Quality links require meticulous research, strategic planning and careful execution – but the results speak for themselves.

We’ve helped countless Australian businesses exponentially improve their search engine rankings through smart, tailored and transparent backlink services and we can help you too.

01 Competitor Backlink Gap Analysis

We’ll analyse your SERP competitors and identify the link targets we need to achieve.

02 Advanced Keyword Analysis

We’ll identify the most effective target keywords for each page of your strategy.

03 Strategic Anchor Text Optimisation

We’ll maximise the impact of your links using strategic anchor text, with a natural backlink profile.

04 Optimal Website Selection

We’ll use our proven quality markers to identify the right websites to outreach to for your business at the right time.

05 Combined Link Building Strategies

We’ll employ a unique mix of multiple, trusted link building strategies to generate the best results for your business.

Why is link building important?

Backlinks from other websites to yours are the most important factor for increasing your search engine rankings. Unless your backlink profile is strong in the ever-present eyes of Google, you might be hurting your chances of appearing in search results. We provide high quality, future proof link attraction and link building services to help improve your search visibility.

Make no mistake; building and attracting quality links is the hardest and most time-consuming aspect of search engine optimisation. Good links take research, planning, strategic thinking and persistence but the rewards for your rankings are massive.

How we use backlinks to grow your business

To achieve short and long term results, we use two link building strategies simultaneously:

  1. Link attraction – this is all about making your website content appealing as a resource. Naturally, this will impress and attract links from blogs, publishers and journalists who see the value in good quality content.
  2. Link building – this involves identifying relevant and immediate link opportunities, then executing with outreach and follow up.

Our link building strategy is driven by quality content production, promotion and analysis of the best-performing competitors in your industry. Unlike many link building companies, we put in the required legwork to deliver the best possible links for your business and industry. Your success is our mission.

The Gorilla difference

We Gorillas pride ourselves on providing a fully transparent link building service, one where you receive constant feedback on links and results. We work strictly within the guidelines laid down by search engines like Google to ensure your website performs strongly now and into the future.

Contact our link building team for a cohesive, well-planned SEO strategy today.

Popular Questions

Link building is the process of acquiring links from relevant websites back to your own website. Think of building links as seeking “votes” for your business — the more votes you have, the more popular, authoritative and trustworthy you appear to search engines like Google.

However, not all links are created equal — building genuine, high-quality, relevant backlinks to your website to increase rankings is important.

Natural links come with a huge range of benefits for your business, including:

  • Improves search rankings
  • Improves referral traffic
  • Improves organic traffic
  • Improves credibility and reputation
  • Improves site metrics and SEO scores (e.g. domain authority)
  • Improves visibility and exposure.

With the right link building strategy, you’ll be on the right path to success.

While there are regular changes to the Google algorithm, the value of backlinks hasn’t changed. Links are still one of Google’s top ranking factors, alongside quality content, on-site optimisations, the mobile-first experience, page speed and internal links.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question — it all depends on the competition. We aim to outperform your competitors and build as many high-quality as is necessary to rank strongly. However, it’s also important to remember that it’s all about quality over quantity — your competitors may have a lot of backlinks, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re quality backlinks.

A high-quality backlink is natural, relevant and published on a reputable website. Some of the things we consider when building links include:

Custom anchor text ratios to suit your business. We opt for branded anchors (e.g. your business name), “naked” anchors (your URL), keyword-focused anchors and generic anchors (e.g. “learn more”).

Relevant pages. We focus on building links from reputable websites to the pages you want to see succeed.

Relevant sources. We seek out websites with solid domain strength and relevance to ensure our links make an impact.

Spammy links, on the other hand, are links from spammy or low-authority websites pointing back to yours. These can do more harm than good — one of our first steps is to complete an audit of your existing backlinks and weed them out.

It can take up to three months to see positive change from a single link. This timeframe can vary based on a few different factors:

  • The linking website’s domain authority
  • Your brand’s popularity/brand awareness
  • Changing traffic trends and competition
  • The type of page we’re building links to (content pages tend to perform the best)
  • The frequency of link building and your link building budget.

We always recommend building links on a regular basis, e.g. monthly, so you can maintain your growth and see ongoing results.

We’ll complete an audit of your existing backlinks and identify any valuable broken links that need fixing or low-quality links that need to be eliminated. Then, we’ll create a plan of attack to build high-quality backlinks to your key pages.

This can be completed on a one-time basis for faster results or an ongoing link building package for long-term success.

Yes! We’re a specialist link building agency, and we’re always happy to work with other agencies looking to expand their services and achieve the right results for their clients. Contact us for more information about our white label link building services and partnerships.

Do you have friends who have businesses or websites? How about suppliers, contractors or professional contacts? If so, you can easily add a few extra backlinks to your arsenal and promote your partnership online.

White hat link building tactics aim for long-term results and follow Google’s strict guidelines. Conversely, black hat link building is spammy or attempts to trick Google or go against its guidelines.

While link building is a powerful tool for increasing search rankings and visibility, there are other strategies to consider, like on-site optimisation, internal linking, and creating high-quality content that your customers or clients want to see. As a link building agency, we specialise in all aspects of SEO — we can create an SEO package that’s geared towards success.

Here at Gorilla, we’re passionate about helping businesses grow, whether you’re local, national or international. Unlike many other SEO agencies, we’re committed to honesty and transparency with our clients — we explain our link building techniques and your results in plain English, so there’s no confusion or fuzzy timelines. The Gorilla team is on your side — we’re here to improve your SEO and link building performance with smart, well-planned strategies and clear reporting from day one.

Yes! You’ll never be in the dark about your link building campaign. Our retainer clients receive a monthly SEO link building report highlighting the wins and milestones as we build more links over time.

You will receive regular updates from our team on your link building campaigns through calls, emails and meetings. We’re all about clarity and communication.

Yes! You’ll never be in the dark about your link building campaign. Our retainer clients receive a monthly SEO link building report highlighting the wins and milestones as we build more links over time.

You will receive regular updates from our team on your link building campaigns through calls, emails and meetings. We’re all about clarity and communication.

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