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Quality copywriting that makes a real impact

Through collaboration and creativity, our team can craft compelling copy that converts casual visitors into valued customers and clients.

How we get results


We’ll get to know your business and your customers, develop key messaging and deliver a data-driven strategy that connects you with your ideal audience.

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We’ll use art and science, creative thinking and laser-focused targeting to deliver real results and help you reach your goals.

We don’t set and forget. Our hard-working specialists will continually revisit, revamp and revitalise your strategy to get the best possible outcome.

Our Services

We’ve got everything covered.

Keyword research and advice

Want to meet your customers halfway and improve your visibility in Google’s search results? Understanding your customers’ search habits is key. Our copywriters utilise industry-leading tools and over a decade of keyword research experience to uncover the most relevant keywords to skyrocket your results and resonate with your audience.

Copywriting for new websites

Planning a new website? Our copywriters will work closely with you and your web developer to ensure you have compelling, keyword-optimised copy ahead of the launch date — ultimately giving you an impressive head start in the rankings.

Our website copywriting service starts with a comprehensive briefing session, where we will gain a solid understanding of your business, brand identity, key selling points, and more, resulting in on-brand website copywriting that gets results.

Content gap analysis

Our SEO specialists and copywriters will collaborate to find gaps in existing content, ensuring we can keep up with competitors — and blow them out of the water. During the blog planning process, our team can review the performance of existing articles and provide recommendations on improving them to meet customer demand, whether it’s exciting videos and images or simple re-optimisation with fresh keywords.

We can also highlight new topics to attract, nurture, and convert new customers with engaging, educational content!

Copywriting for ecommerce websites

Effective copywriting communicates your values, builds trust, and ultimately drives sales, making it an indispensable asset for your business — but who has the time to sit down and write copy when there’s a thriving business to run? That’s where our team comes in. Our copywriters have years of experience writing compelling ecommerce copy, turning casual website visitors into returning customers.

Copywriting for service-based businesses

Why should customers choose you over your competitors? As a service-based business, you need quality copy that inspires confidence and builds trust. Our website copywriting team crafts unique, effective copy for almost every industry you can imagine. No matter your industry, we can turn your big ideas into copy that gets results.

Blog copywriting

Blogging is a powerful way to increase website traffic, develop relationships with potential customers, and showcase expertise in your industry. Our copywriters will help you develop a strategic topic plan and even write blog posts on your behalf. We can also provide high-quality imagery and creative infographics to help make your content stand out from the crowd (and even rank in Google Images).

Industry-specific writers

No matter your industry, we have clever copywriters on hand with relevant knowledge and expertise. From engineering and legal services to beauty products, skateboards and more, we offer professional web copywriting services to fill your website with relevant, accurate and engaging content.

Advice on page layout

Your customers’ experience on-site has never been more important. Google’s ranking algorithm considers how people interact with your webpage, from clicks and views to time spent on-site. But what does this mean for your business?

You need to encourage users to engage with your content and stay on your page longer. The Gorilla team can help you design a winning webpage that effortlessly converts visitors into customers.

Tick copywriting off your to-do list

Whether you’re launching a new website or simply on a time crunch, our copywriting team can deliver high-quality copy in a conveniently short timeframe.

You absolutely nailed the tone and content, first time, each time. I couldn’t be happier with the quality of the work. Thank you!
Marie Skelton
Author and Professional Speaker

The art of website copywriting

Copywriting is more than just adding persuasive words to a web page. SEO (search engine optimisation) is a key component of copywriting; while many writers claim to be specialists in the area, they often lack the critical knowledge and skills needed for effective copywriting.

It’s vital to have your website copy crafted by a copywriter who understands the principles of SEO and how to improve rankings with keywords.

How copywriting helps grow your business

Ranking well isn’t about writing big, intimidating blocks of text stuffed with keywords. It’s about crafting a compelling story that encourages readers to take action, with keywords seamlessly woven into the page. Search engines reward succinct, high-quality copy; their ultimate goal is to deliver the most relevant, accurate, and trustworthy content based on the searcher’s query.

Google also analyses how customers interact with your website, focusing on engagement metrics like click-through rate, time on page, and more. Unlike web copywriting services, our team considers all possible ranking factors while prioritising “the human touch”, i.e. writing for the readers themselves.

Website copywriting with Gorilla

Our Australian-based copywriters combine technical SEO with their love for writing, allowing us to deliver high-quality website copy to match your brand. Plus, with access to a pool of industry specialists and a comprehensive interview/briefing process, we can always match you with the best copywriter for the job.

Contact us to learn how we can blend copywriting into your digital marketing strategy.

Our goal is to offer the best website copywriting services in Australia, and we have copywriters based in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Newcastle. We’ll streamline the process for you from briefing to copy approvals, so you can focus on the more important things — like running your business!

Contact us to find out how we can blend copywriting into your digital marketing strategy.

Popular Questions

Copywriting is the art of creating engaging, educational, and sometimes sales-focused content for online audiences. From a more technical perspective, copywriting can also improve your website’s written content appeal to search engines like Google; with the right keywords, we can improve visibility in Google’s search results, ensuring customers can find you faster (and even choose your product or service over competitors).

We offer a range of website copywriting services, including ecommerce and lead-generation copywriting, blogging and blog planning, ad copywriting, and more.

Generally, we allow for two revisions. This ensures you get a fantastic result, and we get to learn more about your business, helping us improve efficiency and deliver copy that’s accurate, compelling and on-brand.

Definitely! We help businesses write product descriptions for their websites on a daily basis. This copy is designed to rank well, increase product visibility, and encourage website visitors to purchase.

With a flare for the written word, your key product selling points and brand voice in our arsenal, we can write website content that sells!

We’re committed to providing a complete, end-to-end service, so we have developed a team of talented graphic designers to create infographics, GIFs, and video content alongside our blog content. We believe this “rich content” is crucial for improving engagement and interest in long-form pieces like blogs, and our graphic designers jump at the chance to get creative.

Yes! Our copywriters have experience with various website platforms, from WordPress to Shopify and beyond. We can provide training on uploading content or upload it for you!

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. We price our marketing services based on several factors, including how many pages are required, how long each page needs to be competitive, and the complexity of the industry or topic.

Contact us to learn more about our professional copywriting services for websites! We’ll tailor a quote based on your individual needs and requirements.

Absolutely! We can also help plan and write blogs that match common queries and turn casual website visitors into customers.

Yes! We’re lucky to have copywriters with expertise in various niches. Contact our team to connect with a copywriter who has experience in your industry.

We measure the success of copywriting via keyword rankings and engagement metrics like clicks, impressions, and dwell time (i.e. time spent on-site). However, sales and enquiries are always the end goal!

If you decide to work with Gorilla 360 on an ongoing basis, we will provide monthly reports and updates on performance so you know exactly where you’re ranking in search results and how our copywriting has contributed to performance. Plus, part of our copywriting service is completing ongoing performance reviews; if a page isn’t performing as well as we’d hoped, one of our experienced copywriters will revisit the page and give it a more competitive edge.

Tailored for your business and industry

Our in-house copywriters have worked on hundreds of copywriting projects. Can we write about your industry? You bet.

A clear plan drives clear results

Copywriting can be a massive job. We’ll help you prioritise your writing and create a clear, personalised plan to drive results.
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