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Want customers to remember your brand, products and services long after they’ve left your website? We’re the Google remarketing agency for you. We’ll help you stay front of mind, increase sales and build your brand using tried-and-tested remarketing techniques.


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Brand building doesn’t end when customers leave your website. We’ll continue the conversation with tailor-made remarketing campaigns that deliver real results. You’ll always know exactly how to grow your business thanks to a clear strategy and actionable reporting.

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Drive business growth with a transparent, results driven remarketing agency.

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We’ll get to know your business and your customers, develop key messaging and deliver a data-driven strategy that connects you with your ideal audience.

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We’ll use art and science, creative thinking and laser-focused targeting to deliver real results and help you reach your goals.

We don’t set and forget. Our hard-working specialists will continually revisit, revamp and revitalise your strategy to get the best possible outcome.

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Stay front-of-mind with remarketing

Unfortunately, it’s rare for customers to make a purchase during their first visit to your website. So, how do you encourage them to come back? Remarketing keeps your brand front of mind and encourages customers to finalise their purchase or enquiry on your website.

Squeeze more ROI

Acquiring a new customer can cost 5 times more than retaining an existing one, so when you’ve already paid for a customer to reach your website, you might as well keep hold of them (in a non-creepy way, of course). Remarketing gets your ads onto millions of different websites. This means that no matter where your customer browses online, your brand has a presence.

Strengthen your brand

Remarketing is an incredibly potent way to strengthen your brand. When you consider the fact that purchase paths can include anywhere from 20 to 500+ touchpoints, getting your ads in front of relevant people (those that have visited your website previously) as they continue to browse the internet, is an extremely powerful and cost-effective tactic to employ.

Promote your products

Dynamic remarketing is where a lot of the magic happens. Using this strategy, you can show specific products to customers based on items they’ve previously viewed on your website. Say goodbye to repeatedly losing sales to your competition.

Google search, display, and YouTube

Google offers numerous ad types and targeting options for remarketing. You can showcase your brand visually using display remarketing, reach customers in search results with search remarketing, meet your prospects where they hang out for down-time through YouTube remarketing, and much more. Whatever your product or service, our team can help you build a smart remarketing strategy that reaches your customers in the right places at the right time.

Cross-channel integration

You can build an even more powerful remarketing program by bringing other channels such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn into the mix. By employing a cross-channel approach, you have the opportunity to deepen engagement with potential customers, increase repeat sales and grow your brand exponentially.

Segment by purchase stage

Remarketing has yet more to offer when you take a funnel-based approach. If you segment your audience by purchase stage, you have the ability to show different creative concepts and messages to your customers as they progress through stages of the buying funnel. You can also segment based on website browsing activity and purchase history. Increase conversions by retargeting your customers using the key messages most relevant to them.

Mesmerising creative

Here at Gorilla, we take pride in developing original and impactful creative that converts eyeballs into sales. Our experienced in-house designers and copywriters can help you develop bespoke ads that cut through the noise and truly resonate with your ideal customer. Alternatively, we can work closely with your design agency or internal team to produce standout creative that gets results.

Detailed reporting

We pride ourselves on providing exceptional communication and crystal-clear reporting. We customise our reports to make them meaningful and valuable to your organisation. Our aim is to ensure that you and your team feel confident when making critical business decisions.

Advanced remarketing, delivered with clarity
The Gorilla difference? No tricks, no jargon, no smoke and mirrors — just honest, real-world results you can rely on. We’ll provide a clear, tailored remarketing plan to build your brand and maximise your ROI.
The Gorilla 360 team is thorough and always on top of changes required to keep our campaign optimised and providing the best ROI.

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How does remarketing keep customers engaged?

Did you know that 96% of your website visitors aren’t ready to buy yet? It’s easy to forget that your customers are just like you – busy! How many times have you been interrupted or distracted before reaching the payment step on a website?

How does remarketing keep customers engaged?

To stay top-of-mind with your prospects and keep existing customers coming back for more, your brand needs to be in front of your customers regularly as they progress through their purchasing journey. Remarketing (AKA retargeting) does just that. It means that no matter where your customer browses online, your brand has a presence.

Remarketing with Gorilla

We manage Google, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube remarketing campaigns for everything from simple brand awareness to complex, multi-channel campaigns.

As a certified Google Partner, we’ve got a lot of tricks up our sleeves to help your campaign reach new levels of revenue success. For example, we always encourage the use of email automation in tandem with remarketing to boost its effectiveness. Remember, it’s always cheaper to bring someone back than to acquire a new customer – and that’s why we love remarketing.

No matter how complicated or involved your remarketing needs are, we’ll create a clear, tailored, data-driven plan, explain it in plain terms and execute it to perfection to drive brilliant results.

Popular Questions

Remarketing is a form of digital advertising. The unique bit? This strategy only shows ads to people who have already engaged with your brand or visited your website – a warmer, more relevant audience.

Any business that wants to stay front of mind with customers and prospects should use remarketing. It’s a powerful way to influence and maintain connections with customers who’ve not yet made a purchase decision.

Remarketing is extremely cost-effective. You only show ads to people who’ve been to your website before and you only pay when someone physically clicks on the ad. You can start with a budget of as little as $500 and you’re not wasting any money on random, irrelevant or disinterested Googlers. Result!

When a customer visits your website, a (chocolate-free) cookie is automatically added to their browser. As they continue to search the web, advertising platforms such as Google and Facebook are able to show ads to those very same customers using the cookie.

Your ads are shown across Google’s extensive display and advertising networks. We can control the types of website that your ads appear on, or we can use Google’s intelligence to guide this process. It’s a smart and fully customisable service.

No more confusion, no more guesswork. We’ll analyse stacks of data and convert it into actionable strategies to improve your customer journey and grow your sales.
Clear communication and reporting
We won’t just drive brilliant results, we’ll help you understand how and why we do it. We provide clarity at every step, keeping you in the loop and making sure you feel confident about your marketing activity.
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