The 2017 Retail Calendar you need to dominate the new year

10 January, 2017

January is here.

You know what that means?

The holidays.

They’re gone.

Christmas is more than 11 months away.

And 2017 is here.

No more feasting. No more partying. No more festive cheer with friends and family.

Instead, this is what you have to confront each and every weekday…

The 2017 Alarm Fatigue.gif

I’m not sure about you, but for some reason going to work after indulging in everything holidays was all a little bit too much.

That alarm clock tune seemes more like the unstoppable shriek of the workplace monster coming to steal your soul.

Too much?

Regardless, that first day back looks pretty much the same for everyone right?

It’s just you, your sadness, your lack of sleep, and the pillow you strapped to your head…


For us ecommerce folk, January is a particularly important month

Firstly, you have no excuses.

Christmas shopping has come and gone. Boxing Day sales is over. The new year has begun and there’s a whole year of possibilities ahead. It’s your job to make growth and success happen.

Your blank 2017 marketing plan is staring you right in the face.

The good news – you have a clean slate, a fresh outlook and a precious chunk of planning time after the bedlam of the ecommerce silly season.

But we all know dominating the new year is not as simple as dartboarding a few resolutions and hoping for the best.

To increase your chances of success, there’s one thing you and your ecommerce marketing team need to complete one important task…

It’s time to plan your 2017 retail calendar

As much as we ecommerce folk wish next year would just mind its own business until the bedlam of Christmas shopping is over, 2017 refuses to be silenced.

That evil new year is knocking on your office door right now, nagging you and your lack of marketing preparation.

We want to help you banish this evil guilt beast.

Your sales promotions, and media plans, and editorial calendars won’t figure themselves out – unfortunately the opposite is still true.

And now is the time to plan out the next 12 months of your marketing program to make sure you don’t miss a chance to attract, convert or delight more customers online.

I know how busy you must be. It’s planning time, holidays are over and I’m sure you’re busy juggling an ever-expanding to do list.

We Gorillas want to make that new year planning process a little easier for you.

So we put together an updated 2017 Ecommerce Calendar for you.


Download Your 2017 Online Retail Yearly Planner Now 

We’ve compiled all the important seasonal events, holiday periods and industry conference dates into one free, downloadable time saver.

Use the key dates to prepare your marketing program in advance and turn your 2017 planning from a perpetual last minute buzzer-beater to a ruthless runaway win.

At the very least, print it out, slap it on your wall and look at it occasionally. You’ll stay ahead of the game, and silence that evil 2017 guilt-nagging so the new year is a little more like this in your office…

Disclaimer: Champagne and party hat not included in download. Serving suggestion only. Actual celebratory reaction may differ. Responsible alcohol consumption levels are encouraged…

What’s Inside your 2017 Online Retail Planner?

  • Key monthly and quarterly ecommerce dates
  • The most important Australian and international online retail conferences, seminars, and industry events
  • All the big seasonal and holiday periods to help you schedule in related sales promo’s and content programs

Use the key dates to prepare your marketing program in advance and turn your 2017 planning from a perpetual last minute buzzer-beater to a meticulously planned runaway win.

Hopefully, your 2017 results will turn your next end of year office party into something like this:


We can all dream, right? (Surely bottom left is within the realms of possibilities…)

At the very least, download your retail calendar, print it out, grab some tape, slam it up on your office wall, and give it a quick scan from time to time.

You’ll stay ahead of the game, and organise your ecommerce marketing program better than ever before.

By James Dillon
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