3 Social Media Tools That Will Make Your Life Easier

26 April, 2023

You know you should be posting more on social media, but:

  1. You don’t have time
  2. You don’t know what to post
  3. You can’t keep up with comments and messages

From all-in-one scheduling and analytics tools to simple graphic design hacks, here are our top picks to save time and effort and get more social posts on your feed.

#1. Buffer


Solution: Schedule posts for all your social media platforms in one place
Subscription Type: Paid

Buffer is a dynamite social media scheduling tool that lets you connect all your primary social media channels in one place.

  • Schedule posts. Instagram doesn’t let you schedule posts, but Buffer does. You can schedule all your posts including reels, making this a huge time saver if you’re planning cross-channel posts.
  • Invite users. Outsourcing your marketing? Buffer lets you invite users to join your Buffer account, so you can let team members, contractors or agencies create and schedule posts (with customisable levels of admin access).
  • Analytics. Buffer’s analytics feature lets you dive deep into metrics like post engagement, follower growth, impressions, engagement rate and compare performance against prior periods.

#2. Canva


Solution: Use design templates and AI to generate awesome-looking content in minutes
Subscription Type: Free with paid options

Most marketers worth their salt have heard of Canva, but this mighty graphic design tool now goes much deeper thanks to its new AI integrations.

  • AI writing tools. Stumped for inspiration? Canva has a new tool called Magic AI that will help you write captions. It’s not as robust as ChatGPT, but the in-platform integration makes it a handy addition.
  • AI image editing. Canva’s new AI-powered Magic Eraser tool lets you remove unwanted parts of your photos and replace them with new elements. Want to replace that Christmas tree in your image with an indoor plant? Brush over the area, type what you want to add and let the robot do its thing.

#3. Mention


Solution: Interact with users across all social media channels in one place
Subscription Type: Paid

Social media platforms notify you when someone tags your brand, but what about users that don’t tag you in their posts? That’s where social media monitoring tools like Mention come in.

  • See what people are saying. Mention monitors over one billion sources for mentions and comments of your business name, with filtering options focusing on relevant search terms.
  • Reply to mentions. Connect your social media accounts and reply to mentions as soon as they come through. This means you won’t have to jump between programs to respond to new mentions.
  • Schedule posts. While less in-depth than Buffer, Mention has a built-in tool for scheduling posts across multiple platforms and can be used as your all-in-one social media management tool.

Remember: platforms like these regularly add new functions, so keep an eye on competing platforms to get the latest features.

By Kieran Sturt
Kieran is a copywriting wiz with a passion for SEO, email automation and all things digital content.
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