The 2017/18 Retail Calendar you need to dominate your new financial year targets

29 June, 2017

The 30th of June is here.

You know what that means?

Accountants everywhere transition from whingeing about their outrageous 90 hour work weeks feverishly preparing for End of Financial Year, to indulging in exorbitant long lunches spent partying on the dime you spent getting your tax done…


Said accountants go back to work the next morning with a once-a-year hangover and the prospect of a world economy with an even bigger Brexit/Trump/mortgage-bubble induced headache…


Car brands continue to try to convince us the EOFYS acronym they created is anything other than a shamelessly manufactured opportunity to ram another promotional campaign through our screens, monitors and earbuds…


For us marketing folk, June 30 means a few important things

It’s really cold. Lots of people are impulse online-buying slippers, mittens, onesies and sleeve scarves (because apparently that’s the new, slightly-more-stylish snuggy).

For our retail marketing friends in the more popular hemisphere, June 30 means the Summer Holidays are fast approaching, and online shoppers are leaning into swimwear, ‘flip-flops’ and airline ticket purchases. Most other ecommerce store owners are preparing for the quietest patch of the next 12 months.

Oh, and June 30 means the year is half over.

I’m sorry, did you read that last point?

The year is half over. Only six months to go. That means only three months until you have to start preparing for Christmas sales.

Sorry, I don’t mean to be that guy, but geez – THE YEAR IS HALF OVER.


The other thing June 30 brings is both boring and critically important.

Your 2017/18 financial year budget is here.

You have a clean slate, a fresh outlook and a recharged balance sheet.

But a new financial year is not all Beroccas and newfound vitality…

It’s time to plan your 2017/18 retail calendar

As much as we ecommerce folk wish sales promotions, and media plans, and editorial calendars, would all just figure themselves out – it seems the opposite is still true.

The new financial year refuses to be silenced.

And now is the time to plan out the next 12 months of your marketing program to make sure you don’t miss a chance to attract, convert or delight more customers online.

I know how busy you must be. It’s the middle of the year, and I’m sure you’re busy juggling an ever-expanding to do list. So, we Gorillas want to make that new financial year planning process a little easier for you.

So we put together an updated 2017/18 Ecommerce Calendar for you.


Your Free 2017/18 Online Retail Yearly Planner

We’ve compiled all the important seasonal events, holiday periods and industry dates into one free, downloadable time-saver.

Print this bad boy out, stick it on the wall, and send a few copies around your team.

Use the Yearly Planner to schedule your sales promotions throughout the year, and we’ll make sure you don’t miss any key retail opportunities throughout the next 12 months.

What’s Inside your 2017/18 Online Retail Planner?

  • Key monthly and quarterly ecommerce dates
  • The most important Australian and international online retail conferences, seminars, and industry events
  • All the big seasonal and holiday periods to help you schedule in related sales promo’s and content programs

Use the key dates to prepare your marketing program in advance and turn your Fin Year 2017/18 planning from a perpetual last minute buzzer-beater to a meticulously planned runaway win.

Hopefully, your FY 17/18 results will turn your next end of financial year office party into something like this:


We can all dream, right? (Surely bottom left is within the realms of possibilities…)

At the very least, download your retail calendar, print it out, grab some tape, slam it up on your office wall, and give it a quick scan from time to time.

You’ll stay ahead of the game, and organise your ecommerce marketing program better than ever before.

By James Dillon
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