Make Your Reporting Easy – 6 Ecommerce Google Analytics Dashboards That Will Save You Hours

7 March, 2014

All In One Ecommerce DashboardWe all know we need to measure our success. ROI is charred into every ecommerce marketer’s soul. So it should be.

Using Google Analytics to track how much you are dominating is a must. If you are late to this party, you’ll want to join the cool kids quick smart…

Google Analytics Party

The Google Analytics Party (Just with more beer… but the same amount of dancing) Flickr Image Courtesy Chris Gilmore

For the measurement greenhorns, Ann Handley and her marketing dream team show you why you should be using Google Analytics in this super read.

I’ll summarise – it helps you make more sales.

I’m going to show you how to halve the time it takes you to pull an analytics report. Maybe even quarter it.

How you ask? With a whole bunch of help from your new friend…

Google Analytics Dashboards

Ecommerce Google Analytics Dashboards

Flickr Image Courtesy J F Cherry

What are they? Here’s Google’s explanation:

Dashboards give you an overview of how your properties are performing by displaying summaries of different reports as widgets on a single page. With a dashboard, you can monitor many metrics at once, so you can quickly check the health of your accounts or see correlations between different reports.

Decoded from Corporategeek speak, dashboards in Google Analytics give you a snapshot of your website’s performance in a single place. You can create up to 20 dashboards for your web property and you can include almost anything you want.

To find dashboards in Google Analytics, simply login to your account, go to your reporting tab and find “Dashboards” in the left column.

Dashboards Menu

The glorious thing about dashboards – you don’t have to set them up yourself!

The ever so kind folk over at Google make it a synch to copy a smashing existing dashboard and use it in your account.

A myriad (word of the day calendar win) of analytics and web marketing gurus around the world have made their dashboards publicly available, so all you have to do is use their links and copy the dashboards to your account. Unashamedly copying other’s work is okay sometimes.

We’ve collated 6 of the very best Google Analytics dashboards specifically for you ecommerce store owners. All you have to do to install is:

  • Click the link
  • Save the dashboard to your website profile (logging in before you click the link will assist)

Don’t stress about your privacy. Whether you share your own dashboard or use someone else’s, none of your website data will be available for anyone else to see.

Ecommerce Dashboard

From Blast Analytics & Marketing

Ecommerce Dashboard

Get the dashboard here

Provides a great top level view of your website’s performance. This dashboard gives you a snapshot of what channels your revenue is coming from and how valuable each visitor is to your site. Best for a quick overview rather than drilling into the detail of your data.

Key stats include:

  • mobile vs non-mobile revenue
  • overall conversion rate
  • total transactions and revenue
  • average order value
  • per visit value
  • top products by revenue
  • top source/medium by revenue

By default it displays stats for all traffic sources/mediums.

Social Media and Ecommerce Dashboard

From Justin Cutroni

Social Media Ecommerce Dashboard

Get the dashboard here

This dashboard is better value than a Happy Meal. It provides a snapshot of how your social media is (or isn’t) directly contributing to the bottom line. You also get an overall snapshot of how social visitors are engaging with your website.

Key stats include:

  • level of social actions on your site
  • average revenue value of a social visitor
  • most socially shared content
  • number and quality of social visits by device
  • total traffic from each network

Ecommerce Sales Dashboard

From 610 Digital

Ecommerce Sales Dashboard

Get the dashboard

Gorilla favourites right here. This dashboard helps you use Google Analytics to examine your online store as a business – not just a website. If you want to get a feel for operating metrics this one is for you.

Key stats include:

  • average order value by day of the week
  • best time of day for transactions
  • top selling products
  • shipping costs, amongst others

Mobile & Tablet Ecommerce Dashboard

From 610 Digital

Mobile/Tablet Dashboard

Get the dashboard here

Some more dashboard lovin’ from the gurus at 610 Digital. This one helps you analyse your site’s performance with tablet and mobile visitors. A little more basic but enough value to save you hours.

If you want to improve conversions and revenue from mobile devices this dashboard will help you get started.

Key stats include:

  • overview of top mobile content
  • breakdown of specific device types
  • subsequent device bounce rates and visitor numbers
  • top products sold
  • average order value
  • onsite behaviour

All in One Ecommerce Dashboard

From Paolo Margari

All In One Ecommerce Dashboard
A gold star dashboard with a ripping snapshot of overall store performance. Use it in conjunction with the Blast Analytics & Marketing dashboard – they cover similar high level metrics without overlapping too heavily.You’ll find key factors for variations in conversion rates, making it a dream to compare traffic sources and devices.Key stats include transactions and conversion rate
  • by city
  • by source/medium
  • by device type

You get a visual of the channels dominating your jungle and the others in online hibernation.

Google PPC Performance

From SM5

Ppc Performance Dashboard

Get the dashboard here

Attention Adwords users!

This simple dashboard gives you a snapshot of your account’s performance and a clear top level analysis of your results. It doesn’t dig into specific ads, ad groups or performance metrics but it is an irresistible timesaver if you want to examine the relationship between spend and revenue.

Key metrics include:

  • transactions
  • revenue
  • ROI
  • cost per transaction
  • average order value
  • top keywords (revenue vs cost)
  • top products by sales quantity

The features of these dashboards sound great. They’re not. They are so superior to great. Superior enough to make a primate dance…

Dancing Gorilla

Peerless crumpin’ gorilla GIF courtesy The Frogman

Why are they so great?

They are automatic! All of your work is done for you! Embrace laziness!

Seriously, you can hop in each month and pull an Analytics report in seconds. Not hours. Not minutes.


Thanks us later. Better yet, thank us now and share this post with your social media tribe.

If we’ve missed any killer Ecommerce analytics dashboards, let me know – us gorillas love making our job easier.

Go forth and dominate analytics reporting. Have a cheeky banana in the time we just saved you.

By Scott Evans
As co-founder and Director of Gorilla 360, Scott has spent the last 12 years helping businesses grow through smart digital marketing.
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