Link Building Ideas

2 July, 2012

Link Building IdeasGoogle and other search engines consider links very highly. Sorry I should say they consider quality links very highly. But how do you get them?

There are hundreds of ways to generate links but it may seem difficult to know where to start. The days of submitting to hundreds or thousands of link directories are long gone.

Google has cracked down on these links deeming them worthless or even damaging for your site’s ranking.

That is why it is wise to employ a link building strategy that will future proof you against future Google updates.

The long term, sustainable way to generate links is by creating link bait. Link bait includes ideas or content that encourages others to link to it. Creating original and amazing content is the best way to achieve links to your website.

The following is a list of link building ideas for your website from the basic and obvious to the quirky:

  1. Target the links of your competitors using
  2. Make a video
  3. Run a competition
  4. Create an infographic
  5. Get socially active – on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest
  6. Do regular blog posts
  7. Share photos on sites like Flickr
  8. Publish latest industry news
  9. Give something away for free
  10. Sponsor a local sporting team
  11. Support a charity
  12. Publicise your events
  13. Guest post articles on other websites
  14. Write a beginners guide
  15. Create lists
  16. Create a frequently asked questions page
  17. Ask your business contacts, suppliers, friends for a link on their website
  18. Retweet or re-post interesting content
  19. Become an expert
  20. Join an industry group
  21. Create a forum
  22. Submit media releases
  23. Produce a newsletter and publish it on your website
  24. Be funny
  25. Do webinars
  26. Give a presentation at a University or school
  27. Develop a member badge to put on their site
  28. Review books on Amazon for your industry
  29. Interview interesting people

Useful Resources:

Do you have other link building ideas? Let us know by posting a comment.

By Nathan Manning
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